Ted Cruz: GOP Senators Yelled at Me “at the Top of Their Lungs” for Stopping Gun Control

Photo Credit: Gage SkidmoreSenator Ted Cruz talks about all the “heat” that has been “internally generated in the Republican conference” due to his principled stand on a number of issues, such as gun control.

He talks about five or six lunches that he’s had with his GOP colleagues where they have pointed at Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and himself, and said, “Why did you do this? As a result of what you did, when I go home, my constituents are yelling at me that I got to stand on principle!”

Senator Cruz emphasizes that, “I’m really not making that up. I don’t even bother to argue with them, I just sorta let them yell.”

He concludes, “There are a lot of people that don’t like to be held accountable.”

  • My hat is off to Tec Cruz, he doing exactly what a majority of voters wanted by voting him in. If we do not completely change the direction of this administration, we will find ourselves in a s hithole like russia in no time.

  • quarkie009

    Those GOP rinos that are infringing upon the 2nd Amendment are also
    infringing upon the 1st Amendment and must be held accountable by the voters and have their sorry butts kicked out of office, because they are violating their oath of office of defending the US against all enemies foreign and domestic, thus putting themselves on record as being traitors to the US Constitution.

  • TexRancher

    The RINOs are TRAITORS just like the democommunists who are pushing to take our guns! Make no mistake about that comment. They’ve already admitted that they won’t stop until all AMERICANS are disarmed!
    keep up the good work, Ted!

  • Joe Krol

    Translation…Ted by standing up for the people who elected you, you are making us professional politicians who lie, steal, and have no moral or ethical compass look bad. You are being exactly what the founding fathers wanted in their political leaders, and we can have NONE of that! I don’t know Ted I think you better get on board with those other guys or else THEY may not get re-elected… Mr. Cruze, Mr. Paul etal. You keep right on speaking for and fighting for what is right. The impact you are making is far reaching and the fact that the RINO’s or anyone else in Washington or MSM establishment is complaining about you, means you are doing something right.

  • JaniceSix

    Mr. Cruz, you, Paul, etc., are lights in the dark tunnel America has been in for the last five years. Please don’t give in or give up!

    • Red

      Rafael Cruz, Ron Paul, and all the so called ‘conservatives’ would not vote for Romney, so we are now stuck with socialism permanently. Keep up the good work Rafael and we will be just like your Canadian homeland.

      • Romney was the reason Romney lost. It is no fault of average American Republicans that Romney was a loser and we couldn’t find enough difference in him and Obama to vote for him. Romney was a fraud forced on true conservative Republicans by establishment big government RINOs, by hook & crook, voter and elections fraud of Romney and the RNC’s own hand. If the RNC had followed their own rules and rule of law—If Romney hadn’t spent in excess of $100 million on complete lies and slander against good men—the American public (who should do their own research) may have seen the truth and elected good men such as Huckabee or Gingrich. Instead the RNC has become just as corrupt as the Democrats. That is why we end up with losers McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Murkowski, who steal or sell the American dream away from the people, under the mantle of “Republican.”

        • YOU are an idiot..time will bring truth to the light!

      • rand paul endorsed romney, and ron paul said a couple days prior to the vote that he was voting for romney. hence he refused to endorse any 3rd party candidate like he has done in years prior. Romney lost on his own merits, that he ran a terrible campaign, breaking record books for the most money still in the bank by any challenger to seek the office of president. The 30 million left over when translated into votes estimated that of double the amount he lost by.

  • jetstream

    Will someone PLEASE post an address where contributions can be made to Cruz?

  • MikeyParks

    I’m really disappointed with a lot of the Republicans. They’ve totally lost their way. They seem to have been hypnotized by the Democrats. I’m glad Cruz and others are there to hold the line. I once admired McCain; now I put him in with Jimmy Carter.

    • sdtiram

      I’ve never admired McCain, never thought he was intelligent enough to be a senator and never liked his snide temperament.

    • durabo

      With enough luck, plus “cojones,” we’ll recall JuanMcRino here in Arizona. Let him live off Cindy until he croaks.


    A Real Conservative! I am with Ted as are millions of others.
    Those old fools that are yelling at you…need to listen to YOU and to US!If they can’t GET IT…then retire…go home and play in their flower gardens! That goes for John B. and John Mc…….Thanks for standing up for us, Ted!!!

    • And a big thank you to Tim Huelskamp and Louie Gohmert as well!

  • wandamurline

    He is my Senator and the Tea Parties in Texas helped to get him into the Senate against a RINO, David Dewhurst, who has been assistant governor in Texas forever….we were told that Dewhurst would get the votes, but again, with boots on the ground, things just didn’t work out for the moderate fence turtles in Washington (RINOS), and now we have someone actually REPRESENTING US instead of caving to the business as usual that has been in Washington way tooo long…there are more of them that need to go…. McConnell, Graham, Snow to name a few and if we all pitch in, maybe we can get more Cruz’s in the Senate in 2014.

    • Murkowski is on the TOP of those who need to be flung out of the Senate. Sadly, she has stolen her office untill at 2016. But it would go a long way to showing her up for the lies, slander and voter & election fraud she perpetrated if we can get Joe Miller in 2014! Please help encourage Joe to run by giving to the Citizens for Joe Miller Rally Fund. The link to this is on Joe’s post “Why I Am Considering a 2014 US Senate Run”

      Only Joe Miller is the Alaskan US Senate candidate with the moral character, integrity, sagacious mindset, courage, and stalwart determination to stand up for what is right and keep on fighting the battle for truth, righteousness, and Godly principles set forth in our U.S. Constitution.

      Joe has proven his commitment to our state and our nation by his service and valor in combat as well as his experience and years as a Federal & State judge, magistrate, and resepected attorney. Joe has an amazing understanding of Constitutional law, and the knowledge and fortitude to carry it out. Joe will not be selling out to the liberal left or going along with lame duck politics, I assure you.

      Alaskans along with the rest of the country have awakened to the imminent danger looming just a very short time away for this country with insolvency, financial ruin and collapse if REAL spending cuts and other measures are not put in place immediately. It is imperative, that we elect a strong conservative constitutionalist who will valiantly stand to secure states and citizen rights and freedoms before all is lost to global government and tyranny.

      Please join the rally today on Joe’s page (click on red link in Joe’s message) to help raise the needed funds Joe needs to make a successful US Senate run!

      Encourage him and Kathleen and keep them in your prayers. If the LORD so leads you please give generously!

  • CSN

    Ted Cruz…..the only Senator with backbone that doesn’t wiggle left or more left, according to the wind. Ted Cruz you are our HERO! God be with you and keep you safe!

  • JohnMcIntyre

    Palin/Cruz in 2016. Keep getting hollered at for God and the Constitution. Prof.Tribe gave stupid answers about police response time and changing the clip. A loaded gun stops a criminal murderer not a number two pencil. Open Carry for all fifty states and furlough prison inmates to the states like Illinois,New Yourk and Callifornia. Massachusettes has no death penalty for islamic bomber murderers.Duh! IN Texas jihadist radicals face the needle on conviction. God Bless America and Jesus is Lord! Respectfully; John McIntyre

  • Charles

    Well, it’s good to see action from someone with a fearless attitude, push aside politicos are basically fearful in their attitude. Fearful they will lose their cushy locations, and so many freebies from taxpayers pockets!!! There’s a strong, very strong hint, of a good old fashioned American personality in Mr.Cruz!! How many of us are looking up to him, and are wishing him to achieve what others don’t have the guts to do! Best of luck from your new followers Mr. Cruz!!!!

  • Wow! Someone who actually does the job they were hired to do, without complaining. Ted Cruz is Actually working for his paycheck. Wow! What a concept.

  • Mr. Cruz, you are one of a very few who is upholding your oath of office. The ones who yell at you know they should be doing exactly what you are doing, but are taking bribes & pork payoffs. They know they could get thrown out of office next election if someone actually does the right thing in DC. They are committing acts of treason & should go to jail for doing so. Thank you.

  • Nam1

    This let’s Senator Cruz know what side of the fence to occupy!

  • gwedem5995

    I stand behind Ted Cruz l00% and the rest can eat dirt asfar as I am concerned.

  • louisk

    We could use another 59 Ted Cruz’s.

  • desperado

    Stick by your guns, Ted, you are doing a great job and we need more like you to defend the 2nd amendment plus get rid of obamacare, secure our borders, limit immigration, increase jobs for legal residents, and get America back to prospering.

  • Flayer

    I’d like to know the names of those senators. They need to be named and shamed, then primaried. Certainly threaten to withhold all contributions.

  • Gun owner

    Ted, stick to your guns! (pun intended!) You are my hero. Keep up the good work.

  • Marcus Kashmanian

    Thank u senator Cruz 4 standing on PRINCIAPAL. The sad truth is that there’s not a whole lot republicans that will stand up 4 what they believe. It will take time but eventually they will get weeded out thru our electorial process. Even our electorial process is being corrupted, but that’s a subject 4another day.

  • gracentruth

    This is what we knew all along — we elect “sweet” talkers who have no backbone to stand for what we the people elected them to do. Look at Alaska – we the people have elected (by fraud) spineless mouths and the result is – no representation in Congress; in fact just the opposite – they are part of the republicanmarxists who are destroying our country. Peace,

  • jrm

    They are more concerned about their re-election than supporting the constitution.

  • reggiec

    Stand by your guns Ted, just like the old saying goes. It still applies more than ever.

  • Obama maker

    Very happy to hand a few good men in the nation corner for us citizens. Thank you for doing the job we pay you for. Andrew Eifert

  • Obama maker

    Very happy to have a few good men in the nations corner for us citizens. Thank you for doing the job we pay you for. Andrew Eifert

  • ConsGram

    These TP candidates are walking the walking and scaring the hell out of the Libs and RINO”s We need more of them in DC. We need Sarah and Allen West there to shake things up.

  • I would like to know the Senators other than McCain, Collins and a couple of other easterners I would hope it would be solid.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    Senator Cruz’s bold stand and forthright exposure of the elite Rs is truly heart warming–

    This Republic CAN be restored w/ bold leaders like him–

  • TheEye

    You GO TED. Keep their feet to the fire.

  • Lizelot

    Really like the guy! One of the best picks lately and certainly not a late bloomer, wallflower, or fence sitter. You go, Ted! We need more of the kind, he’s a hopeful sign of better times to come. We need to get rid of the moles & termites, we all know who they are.

  • LTCRIce

    My hat also off for Mr Cruz.. BUT tell us by name who the people that don’t like to be held accountable are so we can YELL at them!
    WE the People must YELL to get our point across. NO new gun control No amnisty.

  • ogrady57

    Everyday we learn more about Ted and everyday he continues to deliver on his campaign promises. He seems to be the real deal. I once had similar hopes for Rubio, but as so often happens, he has already lost his way in the halls of Capitol Hill.. As a Texan, I couon’t be prouder of Ted Cruz.

  • So, yes, shouldn’t his constituents go home and get yelled at for NOT being like Ted Cruz? For NOT letting people know what the GOP really stands for? If not for people with guts like Ted Cruz, wouldn’t the GOP have no press and nothing to bring them acclaim? Is the GOP a boring, lifeless bunch of elderly con artists trying to cling to their entitlements, or is it a fire-breathing force that keeps us from becoming a dictatorship?

  • trp878

    The conservatives should throw out the republicans that were yelling at Cruz & Paul. Those are and have been the problem for quite a while. Throw the Bums Out.


    That is why we elected him!! The RINO scum need to go in 2014 and Ted needs to become the SENIOR Senator from Texas.

  • Awesome! The RINOs are finally realizing that they need to represent the people who actually got them into those positions, not their own self-interests.