US Rep Watches 60 Children Leave AZ School and Cross Border to Return to Their Mexican Homes

Photo Credit: Rick Bowmer

During a tour of the Arizona-Mexico border Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz dispatched a series of tweets and pictures Wednesday highlighting lax security at the border.

According to Chaffetz, the “worst thing” he saw was young children leaving school and crossing the border back into Mexico to return home.

“Worst thing I’ve seen. 60 elementary age kids leave this school in Naco, AZ,” Chaffetz tweeted:

Worst thing I’ve seen. 60 elementary age kids leave this school in Naco, AZ…
— Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) April 3, 2013

Then, unaccompanied, they cross the border to “home” in Mexico. No papers checked. Supervisor said it happens daily…
— Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) April 3, 2013

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  • judyanne

    We are 16 trillion plus dollars in debt and we are educating the children of Mexico?????

    • Nellie CA

      The whole world! Big scam and lots of fraud. Look at my comment above.

  • TexRancher

    I spent 4 1/2 years trying to secure a schoolbus ride for my grandson in the Alvin Independent school district (TX) . An in district kid 9 1/2 miles from school out in the country with a bus (that he was assigned to) already in place. No options and yet as a taxpayer, my money goes to educate kids who not only don’t live in the district, they don’t even live in the COUNTRY! What’s wrong with this picture?
    Illegal tax returns to illegal aliens, SSI for foreign nationals illegally in the country, Food stamp ads (invitations) posted by our government in Mexico,entitlement benefits to non-citizens who never paid a dime into the system. Did I just wake up in never, never Land? We have representation on Congress to portect us from this kind of fraud! Oh wait! Never mind!
    They were “converted” and do not represent anyone who qualifies as an AMERICAN!

  • Nellie CA

    This is not just Mexico this is every nationality. The foreign people have found a way to get their kids educated. They come here on a visa, or illegally, hide and then have their baby here, the baby is a citizen and they can send this child back to the U.S.A when they are 6 years old, the kids live in foster care here, paid by Welfare while they can go back to their country for the summer months or in this case Mexico for long weekends. There is nothing the schools can do because these kids are citizens. We need a birth right law. This is going on all over the country.. google Illegal Chinese, Pregnant women in Chino hills homes used as place for them to stay (hide) while waiting for the birth of baby, This solves the one child law in China and the baby is a U.S.A citizen.

  • dmbatten

    Folks, this is NOTHING NEW!
    In El Paso Mexicans walk ride and drive across the border every day to come to U.S. schools paid by the U.S. taxpayer and NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT. It is even ENCOURAGED by educators in El Paso and especially by the President of UTEP, Diana Natalicio.

  • Dempseycoleman

    More future American Democrats I guess

  • concession

    They come to our country, They take from us which should be for American children and no one does anything about it, Our government encourages this behavior, They could care less that our own children have needs that are not being met.

  • FRaud, Treason ans Illegality equals destruction of MY/OUR homelands! Here is why the U.S.A was great and why mexico has never been: Because God is great and the u.S.A espoused Jesus christ and Mexico has never been anything but 3rd world because of the catholic church…The differance is JESUS CHRIST is your God or He is not and that will decied what kind of nation you live in! All nations fall and rise on what they do with the “TRUTH ” John 14:6 KJV

  • Carl Olson

    That’s another tax drain for schooling illegal aliens. Where’s ICE? Where is the Arizona school board? The average tax bill for schools is $10,000 per student per year. For 60 students, that’s $600.000.

  • Did they eat free meals while in school? Do they visit the school nurse very often? Do they have their school supplies paid for? Once they graduate from High school will they be allowed to stay in America because they provide value as the Libiots would say? Is this what can be expected from, as Janet Napolitano loves to lie…er…say, safest border is ever? What a joke. Reminds me of the “Cold Hearted Californians” who wanted to deny illegal aliens benefits & welfare back in the 1990’s. Of course the warm hearted jerks won so now California has to pay the price. But I digress & am rambling so I’ll shut up before I am labeled a Racist…Oops too late.

    • The_Questman

      You mentioned School supplies? If the school is like the rest of the Govt Union communist schools in America the teacher “steals” your child’s supplies on the first day to redistribute the wealth. When I saw this happen to my nieces and nephews I took them out of public school and paid for private. As long as I can afford it I will continue to pay for their non-communist indoctrinated education.

  • ItZnot wrknCA

    Another disgusting thing that our elected officials are to cowardly to do do anything about. ILLEGALS ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!! Jerry Brown is a corrupt SOB! WHoever voted for him or our stupid prez, hope your happy, their dipshits!!

  • Fubarjoe

    Time for an open revolt. Lets start by not paying into illegal fed taxes of the IRS.