Video: Alaska's Department of Administration Interferes With Pro-life Protest; Gov. Parnell Responds

Today, the Center for Bioethical Reform staged a demonstration in front of the Capitol in Juneau, Alaska. The event, intended to influence public policy by educating legislators about the horrors of abortion, started with little fanfare.

The activists erected large posters of aborted babies across from the capitol steps. At first, it didn’t seem their activities were attracting much attention. But that soon changed.

According to one participant we interviewed today, a line of trucks began to appear, some parking in the middle of the road, the others parking in the loading zone immediately in front of the capitol.

One driver exited his vehicle and apologized, stating he was just doing what he was told to do:

Several hours later, after a legislator’s staff was contacted, the vehicles were abruptly removed.

The governor should immediately investigate who gave the order to use state assets to interfere with this peaceful political protest. The use of state resources in this partisan and anti-First Amendment way is wrong and someone should be held accountable.

UPDATE: Governor Parnell’s office contacted Restoring Liberty today and emailed THIS RESPONSE.

  • Kent2012

    another democommie in sheeps clothing…..

  • AZ BOB

    Accountable what a joke


  • Governor Parnell should be held responsible for this attack on our first amendment rights. It was his office that perpetrated this block. What right does he have to use state property to block citizen protest and speech?
    Is Governor Parnell going to say he doesn’t know what goes on in his own office or that he is not responsible for what his staff do?

    • gracentruth

      I agree. Let’s all email or write to the governor and ask him why his mouth and actions are so different. He should not be governor. Peace,

  • How reassuring that the governor’s 20 year old AUDIO VISUAL SPECIALIST (aka, Austin McDaniel, as listed in the State Employee Directory) is “giving direction to the department of Administration.” An email/response like this might have been appropriate coming from the Chief of Staff, or even Austin’s aunt, Deputy Chief of Staff Cindy Sims – but it is totally inappropriate originating from this upstart staffer.

    • Vincent

      That’s so disrespectful! So was Parnell trying to insult Joe Miller? Pretty lame!
      Maybe Joe shouldn’t have humored the Gov’s office without a call from the appropriate people?

    • Jason

      How inappropriate of Miller to post the staffers email, clearly he sent a statement from the governor. And [email protected] at least Austin has a job and doesn’t spend his days trolling the web looking to tear down a fellow republican.

      • You remind me of a girl I once knew in high school who tried to win every argument with, “Well, at least I have a boyfriend.” If being on this site and attacking fellow republicans equates joblessness, then it would appear you and I are going to be standing in the unemployment lines together, Jason.

        By the way, McDaniel’s email is public record, as is the statement included in it. It was not in any way inappropriate of Mr. Miller to post the email in its entirety.

        • Vincent

          Well . . . the emails would be public record . . . if the Parnell administration actually complied with FOIA requests.

  • I am pro choice 100% but I am also pro freedom of speech 100% as well. This is upsetting to say the least. I hope this is dealt with and it doesn’t happen again.

  • OutragedParent

    So you’re saying that you’d be alright with your child walking home from school and seeing the horrific images those “peaceful” protesters were displaying? Did any of you even see the posters? Cuz I did and there wasn’t anything peaceful about it. Maybe the anit-gun folks should protest in front of the capital with pictures of dead children who were victimes of gun violence. That would surely make a point huh?

    • Vincent

      So OutragedParent, are you more outraged by the fact that babies are being dismembered in your community, or by the fact that someone has the courage to point it out?

      • OutragedParent

        Babies are being dismembered in my community? News to me. And I wouldn’t call hiding behind a sign “courage”. Pro-life or not, its about censorship.

        • So it is ok to brutally tear babies apart, limb from limb, while they are still alive in the womb, and as long as you don’t have to see it or know about it?

  • Next time, get some really tall guys to hold the signs.