Why I Am Considering a 2014 US Senate Run

Serious times call for bold measures. With the re-election of Barack Obama, our very way of self-government is in peril. The Constitution is under attack, the value of human life degraded, religious liberties are threatened, the Second Amendment is increasingly in jeopardy, and the right to protection from unlawful search and seizure is giving way to a virtual surveillance State.

In 2010, I was one of the first candidates to warn of a looming debt crisis and predict the coming downgrade of America’s credit rating. My campaign championed the prerogatives of State governments under the 10th Amendment, and pointed out the massive threat to our individual liberties coming out of Washington.

In October of 2010, I predicted that regardless of who represented Alaska in DC, “the era of earmarks is dead.” And we were ahead of the curve on entitlement reform.

Though I was labeled an “extremist” by the likes of Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich for telling the truth, both of our sitting senators now routinely engage in such “extremist” rhetoric with respect to federal overreach, government spending, and entitlement reform. Yet they are still unwilling to tackle the tough issues.

Much of what was so shocking to the sensibilities of Alaskans who had grown accustomed to federal largesse has now been assimilated as conventional wisdom. We all know that one can only borrow against the future for so long. Yesterday’s “extremes” are today’s realities.

The choice before Alaskans in 2014 will be stark. Voters must choose between the easy lies of an insider politician and the hard truth of a reformer.

As of the writing of this article, I am unaware of another potential candidate who has demonstrated a willingness to challenge the status quo, and confront the culture of corruption that reaches to the highest levels of American government.

We need a candidate in 2014 who will join reformers like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz to confront President Obama, not one who will cut a deal to negotiate the terms of our surrender to his radical socialist agenda.

I have been a Republican for most of my adult life. But I am under no illusions about the Republican Establishment’s failure to confront the problems facing the country. The status quo is not a viable option.

Let’s be honest. The partisan frame of reference is outmoded. We now live under a duopoly which serves corporate and special interests, rather than the interests of the individual citizen. It’s the insiders versus the outsiders.

While many in my party prattle on and on about their desperate desire to “defeat Mark Begich,” that is not my singular object. Yes, Mark Begich is part of the problem in Washington. But for me, the 2014 election is not merely about beating Mark Begich. It’s about saving the country!

I have the same dreams and desires in my heart as most Alaskans have. And, we’re asking the same questions about the America we love: will our children inherit a country where life is valued, individual liberty cherished, and private property respected? Will they ever have the opportunity to engage in free enterprise and build a future for themselves and for their children? Will they be free to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience?

The choice before us is clear: liberty or tyranny?

There are three questions that I still need to answer:

(1) Are grassroots conservatives willing to step up and join us in the fight for freedom?
(2) Can we raise the necessary funds to spread our message of liberty and successfully compete?
(3) Can our message of liberty and grassroots support propel us to electoral victory?

Thank you for your prayers and support as we launch our exploratory committee for a campaign for the United States Senate. We will continue to update you as we move forward.

  • Steve Sossin

    I will support you Joe….. Your what’s RIGHT with our country…

  • Summer Solstice

    Joe walk carefully – – The established Republicans do not like to be challenged and they will run your name through the dirt – – It will get ugly – – You have to reach out to intelligent like minded people who care about this country and the attacks our Bill of Rights and Constitution are being subjected to, by this dictator – – Party does not matter – – You need patriots to stand by you no matter what party they are from – – most of all know the rules of running for office because they will use them to knock you out if you don’t follow them – – I wish you luck and God Speed

  • Hey joe,
    You sound like the kind of leadership that we need. However I would like to know more about your beliefs and commitments to the Christian life.
    Thank you
    Joe Miller

  • RUN JOE RUN The country needs you !

  • LadyPatriot

    This is great news! I’ve followed your newsletter for years and respect your judgment.
    I live in Northern Virginia and all three of my representatives have sold out Virginia’s future for their own personal gain. I will pray for you and your family as you undertake this challenge.
    May God bless you and protect you.

  • Good Luck on your run and I will support whatever you, and the constitution for what is best for this countey! You are Best for the country!

  • I think it’s Great that you are considering running for the Senate. I’m just so concerned about what the state of our Country will be in ..in 2014. If we don’t do something drastic before the end of this year to stop all the insanity in the WH….I’m afraid 2014 will be too late for all Parties..or the Country. There’s so much corruption in the WH. With the corruption comes fast deals, shady givaways, more spending, more executive orders, possible new wars, illegal bribes and more lies, anti-Constitution bills….and so much more. We’ve never had so much negativism going on coming down from our President….the one we used to respect and trust to keep us safe and do the right thing. It’s now the opposite! If we survive 2013…all the way to the next election, I wish you well. I would love to see you represent the people. You would do a splendid job! Good Luck to You and Good Luck to the US of America!

    • Dakota Sunshine

      It is such a scarey situation, I hope there will be more like Joe running for office and that the Rino’s leave office.

  • Dakota sunshine

    Thank God! Not surprised that Murkowski not supporting him. Good she is showing her colors early in the game.

  • Get Serious JOE, RUN FOREST RUN!!!

  • CincinnatiRIck

    Begich is only in office because of what turned out to be prosecutorial misconduct. Joe, I financially supported you on your last run and may well do so again. But a united Republican party is the first requisite if Begich is to be taken down…it’s going to be a whole lot harder with him as an incumbent and likely with Murkowski’s support. You need to honestly assess if you are the person that can bridge the gaps rather than take down some RINO in a primary and then see Begich reelected. If it’s not you, you need to step aside because the alternative is at least four more years with Alaska being misrepresented in the US Senate (until Murkowski will be in the gunsights again).

  • JPinBJ77

    Yes!! Thank you for running, Joe. May God lead the voters of Alaska to make you the next new senator of Alaska. Be strong and courageous and stick to your conservative roots.

  • Greg S.

    Run Joe! I support you!. Your reasons for running are absolutely on target. I’m tired of status quo candidates who keep working across the aisle in order to lose to the leftists in an effort to strengthen their political ambitions….Go for it..!!!

  • Delores Smith

    What great news! We need you in the Senate. Where do I make a donation? I will try to find the spot. Americans remember that even if you have a little to donate, it will help put an outstanding man in the Senate, Senator Joe Miller, a former Judge and a grauate of West Point & Yale.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  • Chesnut

    We need to get the natives on board as a body. That is what propelled Lisa and mark past their competition. A close working relationship promise to our Alaska legislature would help to speak peace and promote confidence among the Alaskan resident voter. This might help to negate the duopoly problem created and fomented for the past 100 years by the infamous 17th Amendment. Our US Senators need to represent the people and this is how to inspire confidence in them that you will.

  • Art Mathias

    I agree with most your positions but You did not take our advice last time and there fore lost the race. I do not believe that you have learned from your past mistakes and therefore are unelectable. I would support Loren leman if I were you.

    • Art, I don’t appreciate your comments. I am amazed that as a Christian that you would be willing to say such unkind and untrue things. I used to respect you but I can’t anymore. You do not speak for me or the majority of Alaskans.

      Joe won the primary by inspiring with truth and honesty, Alaskans to the biggest Republican turnout in many years, if not in history. Joe won by a huge margin. Murkowski didn’t win, she steal stole the general in every fraudulent way she could, by hook and by crook. And she is still proud of that fact.

      Yes, Joe has made mistakes just like any human has. The difference is that Joe has repented of those past mistakes before the LORD and has committed to the LORD directing him now and in the future on the right path.

      You see it is not never making mistakes, that makes a true leader. It is being willing to accept responsibility for those mistakes, learn from them and then go on to do the right thing. I am absolutely certain that Joe & Kathleen will hear the words all the LORD’s people want to hear: Well done, good and faithful servant!

      If your dishonest ways are what Loren is leaning to for support, he is choosing poorly, and the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will not reward you or him.

      I am very thankful for Joe & Kathleen. There is no other candidate I know of that has the integrity, honor, and moral character that Joe and Kathleen do. Joe has proven his commitment to our state and our nation by his service and valor in combat as well as his experience and years as a Federal and State judge and magistrate. Joe has a sagacious understanding of Constitutional law, as well as the knowledge and fortitude to carry it out. Joe will not be selling out to the liberal left or going along with lame duck politics, I assure you.

      I along with many others am very glad Joe did not accept council from you and others like you. And my husband, I and our family can’t wait to get started on the campaign trail again for JOE MILLER!

      If you know what’s good for you, our state and our nation, I would support Joe Miller if I were you.

    • Vincent

      Electability is a myth perpetrated on unsuspecting rubes by the ruling class. Nobody is electable if their own party turns on them. And believe you me, at this point, there isn’t a Republican in this state that won’t get cannibalized in the general election. It’s time for Establishment Republicans to get over themselves. No Energy Committee Chair for Lisa Murkowski if they won’t back the Nominee!

  • Denise

    You have my support Joe…. Obambam CANNOT become our dictator cause that’s what his aiming for and peeps are dumb enough to fall for it… Pleaseeeeeeeeee run and get in to help we the people and our rights… If you do let me know and I’ll be right there to assist you… 🙂

  • Dan

    I have been following you since the “loss” in the last race, and now more than ever I still consider you as a stronger patriot and a good man. I’ll support you financially and with my time. It is about time AK sent an constitutional conservative Senator to DC.

    As you know, be careful about who you trust in the dieing GOP. Nothing is as dangerous as a mortally wounded bear. (Except maybe a mortally wounded elephant)

  • a three word slogan “HOAX n CHAINS” followed by a barrage of violations of the constitution by Obscumbo and followed up with how cowardly, inept, a constitutional pygmy, and a limp wrist and ending with how ineligible and illegal and fraudulent he is plus all the fiscal irresponsibility he must be accountable for – Mr Obscumbo are you going to pay American Taxpayers back?? WOW!!! People will be howling! RUn Joe RUN!!!!

  • vonlmo

    Another Anti goverment clone looking for a goverment pay check, great health insurance & a 401k w pension plan…all paid for by you. Yo Joe , get off the Federal teat. Get a real job & work for your living.

    • Vincent

      Another Murcowsky troll doing what they do best, attacking conservatives. Loser!

    • frawgeyz

      He scares you doesn’t he?

    • CapeConservative

      This is just a taste of what will be coming from the left – go soak your head, vonimo!

  • gvhparkridge

    You seem to be a great guy..YES we’ll support you..it seems Alaska is screwed up like , well not as bad as Illinois…

    • midwestconservative

      Hey I hear Joe Walsh is running in Illinois, he stands next to no chance but maybe 2014 will be a miracle year.

  • Joe’s announcement gladdens the heart. Finally. Especially heartening is his statement: We live under a system that favors special interests and corporations rather than individual citizens. Now we have to put our money where our mouth is.

    • smartalek

      With respect, doesn’t that particular phrasing sound just a bit out of place in an otherwise solidly Conservative bloc of principles and values?
      I’d expect rhetoric like that from the loony-libs, the “Occupy” goons, and the gimme-gimme takers.
      Where’s this hatred for the successful businessmen — the very ones who create the jobs and pay the bulk of the taxes — coming from?
      Everything else Judge Miller said rings true. This one sounds like it was written by some consultant with a focus group — a group with a few libs in it.

      • midwestconservative

        There isn’t a hatred of Successful businessman, there is a hatred for a tax code that rewards large monetary interests based on political affiliation, General Electric pays next to nothing in taxes because they are buds with Obama, this is what happens when the tax code is so large no one person can fully understand it, what we need is Tax reform.

  • Curby

    Joe – my family will support you. No one is perfect and we don’t expect perfection from you. We are impressed by your family and convictions. God bless you for putting up with the inhumane treatment so far and what is certain to follow from the Liberals in both parties.

  • wrally

    I live in Arizona, but will definitely provide financial support.

  • bjigler

    Please run! You would be a fantastic Senator!

  • gbrittain

    Good luck. You will make a great senator.
    However, if Sarah runs, I hope you will support her.

  • Bill Montagne

    Joe I was a big supporter last time. How are you going to get past the lies of your opponent this time? Begich is much more of a liar than Lisa.

    • Vincent

      There’s no such thing as “much more of a liar than Lisa.” It’s time to stop blaming Joe Miller for 2010, and start blaming the faux Republicans who backed liberal hypocrite. Begich won’t survive his impending marriage with Obama.

  • Jack MeHoff

    I look forward to see you run again. You are so dumb and ignorant with your 18th century rants. You are pure comedy. If being dumb co*ksuck*er was a disease you would be the poster child. I see another donation of $2000 to be used against you by me. THank God for Barack Obama!

  • Hallelujah! GO JOE!

  • ugashik

    You will have a lot of support Joe! I will back you!! We need some new blood in there! Out with the old!

  • en veritas

    Sweet!!!!! Bring it on, RINOs . . . Bring on Little Marky! It’s time to face the music.

  • Mr. Miller a lot of Americans are communist & liberals AND don’t see anything wrong with Mr. O- On the other hand Americans like myself see a LOT wrong with him & his agenda. I truly believe he’s going to declare Martial Law & have MANY of us killed. He’s already got it into motion with the “drone strikes against Americans” a few months ago. He’s CRAZY & running his game- He NEEDS to be IMPEACHED & REMOVED from office as soon as possible- He has NO REGARD for us or America- He’s been busy appointing other Muslims into stratigic gov offices, CIA dir etc; He’s the EXTREMIST & needs to be STOPPED !

  • Steve

    Run! Please make it easier to donate when you click on raise the necessary funds.

  • Jack Stewart

    Cannot take criticism, Joe? You are free to delete my messages or ban me from your Facebook page, but that will not stop me from doing all I can to ensure you are not elected.

  • teeohpee66

    Please run, I need the laughs. Who needs faux-reality TV when crazy paranoid conspiracy nuts run for government. Please handcuff and illegally detain more reporters for asking questions at public events. Please align yourself with more anti-government militias. Please do more shady (and possibly illegal) things with government property. Please file more lawsuits against the government. Oh please just keep on being you and I’ll have the time of my life watching you unravel.

    • smartalek

      Whatever you’ve been drinking, please forward the recipe.
      I could use a vaca from reality too, come Happy Hour, and yours seems especially potent.

  • Steve

    I was disappointed that you did not win the nomination in 2010. Should you choose to pursue the Senate seat in Alaska in 2014, I will support your candidacy with as much of my meager earnings as affordability will allow.

  • Ken

    Joe you are a fresh breath of honesty, integrity, and common sense. I am sending a contribution.

  • harrycobalt

    i hope the gop doesnt steal it from you again.they do everything they can to keep conservatives out

  • Dynamite! Go get ’em Joe!

  • markobbink

    Satan owns the political systems of the world. Matt 4:9 Why would you want to join yourself to that corruption? Do you really think you will be the first honest politician? Please reconsider.

  • lisa andrews

    True Patriot!

  • CapeConservative

    I contributed to your last campaign and will do so again this time around! Wishing you a sound victory in 2014!

    Furthermore, I agree COMPLETELY with this quote from an earlier article…Karl Rove should recognize HE is the problem, not the everyday Americans who want conservative values returned to our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “I think if the Republican Party is going to win, they really need to kick the likes of Karl Rove out,” Miller told POLITICO. “They are the ones that are pulling the party away from the foundation, which has a winning message.”

  • Fernando Hernandez

    If the People of Alaska have not gotten any dumber since they elected the two Commies that they have in the Senate now, Joe should be a shoe in. We need more Patriots in office not more Commies destroying our Country and our lives.

  • Liberty

    Congratulations, Joe. You are exactly what we need in the US Senate. It’s too bad you’re not here in Texas. We have plenty of people who “get it” and we have the manpower to “get ‘er done.” It’s time to force RINOs out and get this nation back on track. I will support you from here in whatever way I can!

    • Vincent

      Go get Cornyn. He’s a RINO pretending to be conservative. But he helped sabotage Joe last time. He’s a LOSER!

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    Watch you Back – Joe-
    and- do not trust the r establishment-


  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    that would be

    Watch YOUR Back-


  • CSN

    Miller, Cruz, Lee, Paul…..we need you to fight for our Freedoms which are protected by First and Second Amendments. Joe Miller USA!

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    GO FOR IT–

    We’ll watch the NRSC – and the Republican establishment for you–how about that!!


  • leadingedgeboomer

    Bring it, meat!

  • jpeters3270

    I’ll help Alaska elect Joe Miller for Senator in Alaska, if all you Alaskan Conservatives help us in South Carolina GET RID OF LINDSEY GRAHAM!! Do we have a deal??????????????

    • midwestconservative

      Draft Trey Gowdy

      • jpeters3270

        We’re trying like heck. What do you think about forced labor?? LOL!!!

  • Carl Olson

    Go, Joe, Go!! The people of Alaska and the rest of the U.S. deserve the best.

  • Kal Kennedy

    Joe, Yes you’d be good for AK and the nation. But how do you overcome the perception that you or your Ron Paul followers are anti-Mormon? True or not, it’s there. I wish it weren’t.
    Can a close race be won without it…well Obama won but not in AK.

  • Elegy

    Please run Joe, I’m still sick after what Murkowpoop and the RNC did to you up here 3 years ago. I wish you would have ran against Young last year.

  • Barry_Suxx

    Joe: More than EVER now, I’m hoping you take-up this challenge again and WIN (Again). Your Senate Seat was Stolen from you after the last election by the Leftist-Corruption at its Deepest Levels.

    The Security and Prosperity of this Nation needs YOU more than EVER now. (the commie-leftists are destroying this Country).

    GodSpeed To You Joe.

  • Sarah

    Wish you all the luck and support you may need. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You have my full support. Thank you for all you do for our country and for trying to serve. We need more of you in the senate.

  • Frank629


  • Gene Brokaw

    You have our support again, Joe. This time we are going to win!

  • Chuck Marunde

    Joe, 47 years ago my father told me “our very way of self-government is in peril. The Constitution is under attack, the value of human life degraded, religious liberties are threatened, the Second Amendment is increasingly in jeopardy, and the right to protection from unlawful search and seizure is giving way to a virtual surveillance State,” or words that were very similar but the same message. I was 14 years old and living in Tok, Alaska in a 900 sq.ft. cabin with a wood stove, an outhouse, and a coleman lantern. We lived off the land with fish and moose meat and caribou and sheep. In my opinion, Joe, conservatives are willing to respond, but it is too late. The pendulum has tipped and there are more voters nationwide who have been brainwashed with handouts and the great entitlement mentality. We cannot keep fooling our selves into thinking that it’s all going to be better. It isn’t. Conservatives aren’t failing the good cause today as much as they failed to put up a good fight decades ago. Liberals have implemented millions of laws, millions of case precedents, and millions of regulations. How Joe do you propose that we suddenly reverse the irreversible? Trying to persuade a welfare society to become independent is like trying to get that cat to bark.

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  • PTA Mom from Maryland

    What great news for a Friday afternoon! I need to move a few things around in our budget first but will contribute something by early next week. Thank you! and many thanks to your wife and family as well. It is a hard road to election but the good that can be done and the harm that can be stopped once elected will be so sweet! I can’t wait!

  • Rob1911a1

    You’d have my vote were I in Alaska!

  • Ronald Watkins

    I am thankful you would consider a run after your experience last time. I donated $ last time and I will again. The Tea Party is answer to the elitist republicans in name only and the liberals and progressives that hate America. You and people with the same values will be the saviors of America. Giddiup!

  • In light of the Gov announcing he will be running to retain his seat, do you have an update on your thoughts of running for Senate?

  • If you do run again, will you have DropZone beat up and arrest reporters for daring to ask questions at public forums?

  • Ardiva40

    You need to rethink this, Joe. ..seriously… on second thought..go ahead and run.

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  • John Kaelin

    I hope you run and win. Begich is like other Congressional Democrats, either the victim of cognitive dissonance, the mental disorder of liberalism, or violating his oath to defend and uphold the constitution. Just the fact that he voted for Obamacare without reading it, or at least letting others have the opportunity to read it is enough to defeat him.