Benghazi Scandal Set to Explode on Administration

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesAlthough the Benghazi debacle is far from the only scandal that has rocked the Obama administration, it has a very real potential of being the one scandal that could explode, blowing up right in the faces of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other top administration officials.

The Fast and Furious scandal is in all likelihood far worse than Benghazi. But due to the current political landscape where politicians and the news media are determined to keep the administration’s dirty little gun smuggling issue out of public view, Benghazi appears to be the one that has the most potential in unraveling public confidence in Obama, which already has been slipping in the polls over the past two months.

A myriad of questions came to the forefront of public awareness in the wake of the assassinations of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and his security detail at the Benghazi compound in Libya. Why were the pleas of Stevens for more security personnel ignored by the State Department? Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claims she saw no such requests. That’s funny, because others at the top levels at State knew full well that Stevens had practically begged for more security for nearly a year. And that leads to the next question. Where was Hillary? And why was she not aware of such requests? And if she were aware of the requests, why would she lie about it?

The last question is the easy one. Everyone in the administration lied about Benghazi because it was an election year and the campaign theme of the Obama machine was that Libya had been “liberated” and that al Qaeda had been practically castrated. None of that was true but it sure did sound good during a reelection campaign.

But more importantly, where was Obama? Either he was fully informed and aware of the events that went down on that horrific night when our diplomatic personnel were tortured and killed, or he wasn’t. If he was, then why was no action taken to get military reinforcements to the compound in time to save American lives? They had plenty of time to do so. And if Obama was not aware of the unfolding events, why not? If ever there were a 3 a.m. call that needed to be answered swiftly, this was it. But neither Obama nor Hillary were available to answer that call.

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  • vietnamvet1971

    Good, Let the Exploding Begin and let those Guilty get the Justice they deserve, LIES & COVER UP can not stand.

    • Catman

      Run that slime ball out on a rail and hang the sob

  • raynbene

    Yes, let the explosions, revelations, and most especially, the truth-telling begin ! !! And let it explode in the faces of all those who let this disaster happen – obuma, hitlery, and all of the worthless incompetents who are destroying this country ! !

    • Ray_Downen

      Soon there will be no choice but for patriots to secede from Obamaland. Surely most of us now know that Obama is not a patriot but is the opposite. — Ray Downen.

  • Is she ‘climaxing’?

  • Angry

    I like the new name Hitlery, perfect fit. She and Mr O are responsible for the Bengahazi death and he should be IMPEACHED and she should be hanged for murder, treason and a wide variety of others felonies. She is like Ayers, a unrepentent terrorist herself.

  • rp

    I’m sure that before long we are going to here from the administration that we need to tone down the anti-government talk that is going on. We need to allow BO to get to his job of making the economy better and that talk against his agenda is distracting, the country needs to move forward, and the incident needs to be forgotten about.
    A proper response for that would be to replay Hillary’s speech of: Why is it that to talk in opposition to the government is somehow anti-American? They could also play her speech of the three in the morning call. Ask them why they did nothing for these people. The call wasn’t even that late at night. Hillary may try and dodge testifying, but if she should run for president, these questions need to be answered. The chickens have come home to roost.