Obama: ‘I Don’t Want These Individuals to Die,’ Seeks Closure of Guantanamo

Photo Credit: IndyDina with Mr. WonderfulPresident Barack Obama on Tuesday renewed his pledge to close the prison for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but the impediments that have thwarted him thus far remain.

At a White House news conference, Obama said he would try to persuade Congress to end restrictions that have prevented him from closing the facility. The president’s comments followed the arrival Monday of medical reinforcements at the U.S. naval prison to help deal with a hunger strike by about 100 of the 166 detainees there. The forced feeding of detainees has refocused human rights concerns on the issue.

“I don’t want these individuals to die,” Obama told reporters.

He added that the situation was “not sustainable” and that he had asked advisers to review it. He also said he would press the issue with lawmakers.

“I’m going to re-engage with Congress to try to make the case that this is not something that’s in the best interest of the American people,” he said.

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  • He could be president of Gitmo, then he could golf, and his family could enjoy the beach. All in one package. Plus…he’d be w/his buddies…

  • Owebama brings them to the USA, then our system by ‘accident’ releases some. Or can it be owebama wants them housed at a nearby prison in Ill. So he can visit? Does he want them here for future attacks on Americans? I do NOT trust owebama, not on anything.

    • Nellie CA

      The Obama system will keep them just like he is keeping the terrors that killed all of the Military people at Fort Hood. What is going on with the guy now? probably nothing! we are just feeding him! on tax payer money,. Michelle will want to visit him I am sure.

  • Kent2012

    oh no are those GOP rascals trying to keep the rag head clowns in prison? shame on them, these people are just frustrated and they need to come to the US and get free phones and welfare and food stamps and a place to live…..that way they can see that we are really nice folks..stupid to…..

  • mrbp

    Let them die. They are all related to obumble. I was stationed there during the cuban crisis and before. It was one of the best duty stations around at that time. If you were into water sports like diving and fishing, it couldn’t be beat. Load all the inmates up on a C5, and air drop them over the white house (without parachutes). They can live with their brother.

  • Nellie CA

    We all have a choice in life. WHY ARE THEY THERE TO START WITH? If they chose not to eat that is their choice. Nothing should be done to stop them if they want a hunger strike. I don’t believe that they are there because the were caught as terrors. I don’t think our government is keeping them for no reason. I would like to know more. I do know that some of the ones that were returned to their home country went back to being terrors and killing Christians people,.