Missouri Passes Nation’s Most Extreme Gun Protection Bill

The Republican-controlled Missouri Legislature passed the nation’s most extreme gun protection bill, along with bans on Islamic law and the United Nations sustainability agenda, during a late-night session Wednesday.

Under the gun measure, lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to nullify all federal gun laws in the state, while allowing some teachers to carry guns in schools. The bill also says some teachers who do not carry guns can be fired, while providing them with limited arrest powers.

The gun bill’s passage followed passage of the sustainability and Sharia, or Islamic law, bans. All three bills now move to Gov. Jay Nixon (D) for his consideration. A Nixon spokesman said he did not have a comment until the governor reviewed the bills.

Senate Majority Whip Brian Nieves (R-Washington) trumpeted the bills on Facebooklate Wednesday night, describing the gun bill as the “most hard core piece of Second Amendment legislation in the nation.”

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  • Three Cheers and a Huzzah for Missouri! I knew those Missouri mules wouldn’t be pushed around by Obama!

  • dsjr

    More cheers for Missouri. Keep up the good work. I wish my state would follow.

  • Marilyn Z

    I am so proud of Missouri….nice that they have their heads on straight. Now we can only hope that the governor signs off on them. Sharia law is SCARY…esp. for women.

  • rick

    wake up oklahoma were falling behind


    Thank you Mizzou , I just wish Texas will follow suit.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Well good
    for Mo. this sends a clear message to all of the would be Adam Lanza’s, campus
    rapist and thugs in general, “Not in these schools, you will be shot down,
    literally!” I feel better letting my daughter attend in MSU next year knowing
    the faculty will be better prepared should some terrible killer storm in and
    start shooting kids, he won’t last long if he does. I had already armed her with
    pepper spray, I hope that takes care of her while on campus. Pepper spray
    doesn’t affect me as I have no reaction to it, neither does poison sumac, and
    poison ivies, Just wait till I tell her she can pack her barrette 9mm for
    personal safety with her next year! I sense some good father daughter bonding
    coming on next summer as she and I hit the range. She already out shoots my 3
    boys 🙂 Feels like Christmas time :):):)

  • Jim Hamilton

    When the
    would be terrorist here in the US try kidnapping girls from Missouri schools
    like they did in Africa it looks like they will get a gut full of lead instead!
    Missouri Law Makers know that we’re not far off from having suicide bombings at
    Wal-Mart Esp. if the Federal Government keeps letting the terrorist training
    camps continue to grow here in the U. S. When the muslims start kicking in your
    door and telling you to convert or they will remove your children’s heads then
    what are the anti gun nuts going to do? muslims faith is islam and islam is
    actually a form of government based on sharia law it is not a