Nullification: Alabama Lawmakers Vote to Ignore New Federal Gun Control Laws

Photo Credit: APThe Alabama Legislature is telling the federal government and others to back off on gun control.

The Senate passed legislation Tuesday declaring that “All federal acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms are a violation of the Second Amendment.” It also says federal laws in violation of the Second Amendment shall be considered null and void in Alabama. The vote was 24-6.

The sponsor, Republican Sen. Paul Sanford of Huntsville, said the bill resulted from hundreds of emails and calls he received from his north Alabama constituents concerned that Congress might enact new gun regulations or restore the previous ban on assault weapons. He said the assault weapon ban is an example of federal regulation that he considers a violation of the Second Amendment.

Democratic Sen. Bobby Singleton of Greensboro, who voted against the measure, said state law can’t trump federal law. “This bill is null and void on its face,” Singleton said.

In the House Tuesday, members voted 76-22 for a proposed constitutional amendment that would require Alabama’s courts to use “strict scrutiny” when reviewing any new gun control laws. That would require proponents of the laws to show a compelling interest for the regulations and that they be narrowly tailored.

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  • Paul

    We need more States to join in against the Feds push to control us. The Feds needs to be reduced by at least 50% and restore the power back to the Sates. It would not stop the corruption but the citizens would have closer control of they politicians. Real simple folks!

  • pearl87

    Democrats continue to insist that the federal govt has dictatorial powers and that states have no effective rights under law.This statement is made repeatedly by liberals and RINOs alike (most recently Pat Buchanan made this specious remark on McLaughlin Group). These enemies of legal and Constitutional govt, claim that the Civil War resulted, not in the abolition of slavery, but rather the broadening of the institution to include ALL Americans as slaves to the federal govt. This lie and its completely false conclusions, must be challenged and rebutted whenever it rears its ugly head.

    • Retiree 2005

      That the War of Northern Aggression was started over slavery IS a lie. If the government had been worried about the Southern Negro, they would not have left them to starve the same as the Southern Caucasians. My ancestors were poor scratch farmers who never owned nor had the capacity to own slaves but they answered the call to fight the oppression. Unfair taxes and the central banksters caused that war. It was not a “Civil” war,, since it was a declared war between uniformed forces. If the assclowns in power now continue, we may very well have our first civil war.

  • Linda

    Praise God for Alabama !!

  • Ken McClelland

    I wish we could get Florida politicians on both sides to put aside their differences and stand up for Floridians by taking a similar stand as this against this tyrannical ploy by the obama administration to set the stage for the eventual disarmament of good honest Americans? FM 3-39.40