Obama Celebrates Mother’s Day With Free Birth Control (+video)

Obama celebrates Mother’s Day by promoting the federal government’s policy of providing free contraception. Here’s the tweet sent out by the White House:

Of course, no DC observers should be surprised at this. During his Mexican press conference last week, Obama made it clear that he was OK with girls as young as 15 years of age having sex and using the infamous Plan B:

  • Unhappy citizen

    Just wish Obama’s mother used birth control…..

  • IMO he should be the ‘poster child’ of why we have abortions.

    • TonyC

      Agreed. Obama is an a$$wipe.

  • Well, that guarantees a smaller number of people to fuel the Mother’s Day card and gift market, doesn’t it?


      That’s the agenda. De-populate and control.

  • Mark Bowman

    With no out of pocket costs? How about the out of pocket costs to the tax payers, directly or indirectly!

  • Obama’s tweet makes as much sense as Planned Parenthood gift cards for Mother’s Day. Asinine, arrogant, and stupid.

  • Unhappy & Mad

    He is the most arrogant person on the planet. he should be impeached.

  • vietnamvet1971

    O’Puke is a Worthless Muslim in our WH.

  • Has this guy ever made a decision? It seems that everything that happens in his administration is because of somebody else’s decision.


    The sewage this guy spews when he opens his mouth is absolutely unbelievable. What a moron.

  • BryBaby59

    Being a mother means having children. It’s a special privilege to be a mom. It’s the wonder of bringing new life into the world and new life that comes directly from a God who “knew you before you were knit in your mother’s womb.”

    The left turns everything about womanhood into sex, and selfishness and they want little girls to learn that this is the norm. Screw your brains out, then pop a pill. This mind set is the slippery slope that has led us to the genocide of millions of precious, little ones that have had their futures stolen on the altar of selfishness.

    How can someone speak of how we’ve betrayed the children, while voting three times against legislation to save the lives of babies born alive as a result of a botched abortion? And, how with any kind of conscience, can he speak to Planned Parenthood for Mother’s Day and glorify abortion at all, much less in the middle of the Gosnell trial?

    These people people will sacrifice all morals and personal integrity – being okay with infanticide – just to make sure their abortion agenda stays in tact.

    How is it respectful of woman to encourage young girls to be sexually active at fifteen – do it all you want, because you won’t get pregnant, because you can go get get a pill to take care of it, without your parents knowing it!

    This is a disaster and you can look all around you everyday and see where this has brought us: 30,000,000 dead babies, rampant child abuse, spousal abuse, Pcychologically messed up kids who’ve had no love, due from “kids” having kids, total destruction of the family and rampant disease.

    Has “progess” been that beneficial? Is this the mark if a civilized, advanced culture?