So Much for Evolution: Scientists Say People are Getting Dumber

Photo Credit: Daily Caller The average intelligence level of a Victorian-era person was higher than a modern-era person, a European research team posits in a report published last week in the journal Intelligence.

The research flies in the face of current assumptions of the Flynn Effect, which states that basic intelligence levels — measured through IQ tests — have risen since the 1930s.

IQ tests have been criticized, however, for reflecting bias toward certain cultures and education levels, while reaction times to stimuli might reflect “true intelligence” — the shorter the reaction time, the smarter the person.

European researchers Michael Woodley, Jan te Nijenhuis and Raegan Murphy compared reaction times to stimuli between people in the Victorian-era and modern-era people between 1884 to 2004.

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  • wandamurline

    You need say no more….they reelected Obama in 2012….how dumb was that?

    • Yes, and look at the crap on TV. I never imagined we’d have so much ‘mind-numbing programs’. It’s worse than ridicules.

    • Well, electing FDR 4 times, and voting for LBJ over Goldwater wasn’t too bright. So yes, we have not been getting brighter, but are actually stuck on stupid.

  • gracentruth

    People getting”dumber” does line up the laws of thermodynamics. Seems like we humans have been on a downward spiral since Adam (that is the man that God created). Peace,

  • Disgusted

    People are definitely getting dumber. Look at those who voted for Obama, and then voted for him twice?!? Can’t get much dumber than that.

  • v steve

    The Federal Department of Education is brain washing our children in Socialist thinking. Socialist thinking is opposite of Constitutional Republic thinking. The Federal Department of Education is having our children taught socialism, teaching our children not to think like Constitutional Republic Patriots. Socialism is the dumbing down of a society and the destruction of human will. The Federal Department of Education has to be abolished at all cost.