Top Obama Official’s Brother is President of CBS News, May Drop Reporter Over Benghazi Coverage (+video)

Photo Credit: Daily CallerThe brother of a top Obama administration official is also the president of CBS News, and the network may be days away from dropping one of its top investigative reporters for covering the administration’s scandals too aggressively.

CBS News executives have reportedly expressed frustration with their own reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, who has steadily covered the Obama administration’s handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack in Libya since late last year.

“Network sources” told Politico Wednesday that CBS executives feel Attkisson’s Benghazi coverage is bordering on advocacy, and Attkisson “can’t get some of her stories on the air.”

Attkisson, who is in talks to leave the network before her contract expires, has been attempting to figure out who changed the Benghazi talking points for more than five months.

“We still don’t know who changed talking points but have had at least 4 diff explanations so far,” Attkisson tweeted on November 27, 2012.

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    This just shows how the media is bought by the White House…CBS is NOT a news channel…SHAME ON CBS……

  • steamingernie

    Good Americans died and Obama has an all-out agenda to bury it with this nonsense “that was a long time ago” mantra. Sad at best and a clear disregard for American lives abroad most likely.

  • Frank629


  • So much for objective non bias news that would report on and hold government and others accountable. The free media was supposed to be part of what would defend against fraud, abuse, corruption and deception. Instead it has become part of it.

  • Denver Girl


    • Catman

      This guy is a sob that should be hung the dirty F

  • It’s almost as if this was preplanned to have this kind of relationship between the media and WH. Isn’t just a little cozy how this has happened? We have seen people from the WH go from the Carter, Clinton and now the Obama administrations to key media positions to help protect the Dems, but now to have relatives too, is too convenient.

  • Poppo

    Folks, we need to get on our knees and pray – every day – for our Country.

    “…if my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from
    their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14