Why Conservatives (and Everyone Else) Should Abandon the iPhone

Photo Credit: Yutaka Tsutano

Photo Credit: Yutaka Tsutano

1. You can’t upload Red Phone, the Android program that encrypts and secures all calls against NSA eavesdropping.

2. You can’t shut off Obama’s Presidential Notifications that AT&T has so graciously mandated for all iPhone users.

3. It’s difficult to remove the symbol of the “Apple” on the back of the device, an icon praising Adam and Eve’s decision to rebel against God by tasting the forbidden fruit (it’s also common knowledge that Apple sold its first PC for $666.66).

4. Any time you run out of power, you cannot simply replace the battery with a charged, spare battery because Apple has designed the iPhone without a removable battery.

5. There are far more open source, free programs available on the non-iPhone Android platforms, there are other phones with better displays, and there are many phones now available with better processing power.

  • James

    Another reason is that Apple is greedy. They way over price
    their products and have billions in off shore accounts.

  • Sight2behold

    And then Verizon is so clean and free from the next wave of corruption. oh wait…

  • m123s

    We are living in the “age” of knowledge; knowledge shall be increased[Dan12]. However, this knowledge comes from the Tree of Knowledge, of good and evil.

  • Jim Sheldon

    You forgot they are also made in CHINA by CHILD and CONVICT LABOR, for a very small amount and Apple then rakes in a huge profit making you think that paying hundreds of dollars for something that cost them significantly less than a hundred is a good thing for you…..

  • ChildofGod

    While I am not an Obama fan (to put it mildly) and don’t care for the iPhone as it is, to bash a symbol like an apple is ridiculously immature and discredits Christians who have the ability to show discretion for what is REALLY important. If the apple is a symbol of “what Adam and Eve did to rebel against God”, then Christians have no business utilizing apples in any way whatsoever, including eating them. No, that’s not ridiculous. If you’re going to demonize the apple (eye roll), then don’t use it at all …..ever.

    • Alicia

      I think that the author’s point is that Apple consciously decided to use “symbol of ‘what Adam and Eve did to rebel against God'” as their trademark. This isn’t an accidental symbol – it was intentional – as was the $666 price on its first computer. Sure, it’s just a bunch of stuff that we use for everyday life, but do you go out and buy a phone with Obama’s symbol emblazoned on it? I think not ….

      • ChildofGod

        I respect your opinion, but that is not what the article says. I’ve seen multiple examples of symbology used to “boycott” that is in the name of religion only. Where is it documented that Steve Jobs said he used the Apple symbol because of the reason stated? Even with that, If you’re going to demonize one “apple”, demonize them all. There are people hurting in this world every day, and people still want to argue over semantics.

        • Guardian

          From Wiki Answers: “One of the deep mysteries to me is our logo, the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. You couldn’t dream a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope and anarchy.” – Jean-Louis Gasée, former CTO of Apple Computer. Seems pretty clear that Apple is embracing the author’s interpretation of the logo. The link for the above quote is in the article, paragraph 3.

          • ChildofGod

            Wiki Answers is not a legit source of info and the Gasee person is not Steve Jobs – THE founder. As I stated above, Steve’s spiritual condition doesn’t matter now, since he has passed. If his colleagues wish to twist his product’s logo into something evil, okay.
            A quick FYI – no one knows what the actual fruit was. People through the ages have speculated only. So if the world wants to demonize an apple, a God-given fruit, alright. (God could have made the apple poisonous after the fall of man, ya know.) It will accomplish nothing…..except perhaps argumentation. I hope everyone has a great week in Him. Got an apple pie in the oven….

          • Goodyeargirl

            I don’t know either hyped story and no one here has provided links to verify or dissuade, therefore I can only say that if a symbol is controversial,why would any company choose to use it EVER! And why would a CTO embrace the possibly distorted symbolism….. just sayin’

      • ChildofGod

        And, from Apple’s user guide: “The name Apple Computer was chosen late one afternoon as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple’s founders, faced the deadline for filing a Fictitious Name Statement, part of the business licensing procedures. After volleying names back and forth with Wozniak for hours, Jobs looked at the apple he was eating and decided that, unless he or Woz arrived at something better by five o’clock, they would call the company Apple. Five o’clock came and went; Apple was the new company’s name.”

        • Alicia

          That contradicts what the Apple CTO says if you follow the link in the story above. And it also contradicts what many, many other non-religious sites say about the logo: “The new logo had a simple shape of an Apple, bitten into, with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. The bite symbolized knowledge (in the bible the apple was the fruit of the tree of knowledge) and the bite could also be pronounced “byte”, a reference to computer technology.” It’s pretty well common knowledge that the Apple logo is the fruit from the Garden of Eve. It makes no sense why you would defend this when the weight of evidence is against you. Again, would you be comfortable with an Obama symbol on your phone? So why the symbol of man’s rebellion against God?

          • ChildofGod

            Why would it matter what the current Apple CTO says when the original founder, Steve Jobs, explained and included in the User Guide what HIS idea for the name was. There are Christians and non-Christians in ever facet of the working world and both sides have their story about different things, starting with how the earth was formed. Steve Jobs may have believed in creation (doesn’t matter now, does it?) while the current CTO believes in evolution. Same concept, different factors. The world says Easter (what we call “Resurrection Sunday”) has beginnings in paganism. Does that mean I’m going to stop celebrating my Savior has risen? Of course not. Again, I will not bother with the Osama symbol issue because it is completely irrelevant – not to mention I do not have anything Apple. And again, this is all semantics.

  • KrazyOldMan

    Will someone please provide the Book, Chapter and Verse where it is stated in the Bible that the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (of Good and Evil) was, indeed, an apple? I have not been able to find it. (Can we stick to the King James version, or older, please?)

  • True Dat

    This is one of the dumbest things ever posted on the internet.

  • Joseph Miller

    I have another reason to leave AT&T and apple.
    CEO Randolph stephenson engineered the recent tragic decision by the BSA leadership to lift the ban on homosexuals in scouting. He and his ill have destroyed the BSA!
    AT&T needs to be DEFUNDED!

  • stinkyboy

    $666.66. hi 666 joe. are 666 you 666 afraid of 666 numbers? really? numbers scare you? pathetic!

  • Chris

    Sorry guys, but this is REALLY a VERY stupid WASTE of time. I think I’ll stop reading these STUPID ‘articles’ going forward.
    Just plain stupid.