Widow: Somebody Wanted to Kill My Husband, Sniper Chris Kyle; There’s More to this Story

Military legend Chris Kyle’s beautiful and articulate widow, who recently spoke at the NRA’s annual convention, dropped a bombshell yesterday during her NBC interview with Lester Holt.

When asked whether she thought her hero husband, with 160 confirmed sniper kills, was immune from harm, Taya Kyle didn’t hesitate: “I was always in fear for his life,” even while he was at home in the U.S.

She went even further when Holt asked her about Chris’s murder. Mrs. Kyle said that there were “deeper issues” about the murderer, veteran Eddie Ray Routh, that Chris had not been told of. She said – choosing her words very carefully – that this “was a case of Chris not having all the information about someone who had more to his story.”

  • Bob2002

    The underlying theme is someone wanted to kill Kyle. Who would benefit the most from Kyle’s death? Perhaps, Muslims. Who protects Muslims in the United States?

  • Dowhatsright

    Better yet, who said In his book, “I will stand by my bother

  • Linda

    Let’s get straight to the point BHO was most likely the one who ordered it. I wouldn’t doubt but what this man was paid to kill Mr. Kyle. There is a terrorist living in the WH.

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  • SteveMacko

    Knowing how Obama has treated our Navy SEALs, making them expendable to the point of 22 dying in one very odd and poorly-planned helicopter excursion, I would not put it past him to want to see killed an effective sniper like Kyle.

  • Paul

    If he was a conservative, most likely the IRS or the EPA killed him :)! It started as a joke but now that I think about it, it would not surprise me.

    The only way to survive today’s government is to worship them and hide in the closet when you feel a conservative urge to speak out. Sad but true.