Controversial Black Pastor Confronts Congregants Who Think Zimmerman is Guilty (+video)

Photo Credit: ATLAH.orgDr. James David Manning, the notoriously controversial chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City, recently delivered a bold and controversial message to his congregants about the black community’s perception of the George Zimmerman trial. He urged his mostly black congregation to stop viewing the world through their “black eyes” and start looking at it through the “blood of Jesus.”

If they did that, the pastor explained, there would be no denying that the verdict in the Zimmerman was the correct one. He also told those who are convinced that Zimmerman is guilty that they only believe that because they are black.

“You are focusing on the fact that Trayvon Martin is black and you believe that George Zimmerman is white, he isn’t. His father is baptist, his mother, she’s from Peru. He’s Latin. A mix of Latin and White,” Manning said. “Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and all that crowd jumped the gun, they thought he was white, but he isn’t.”

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  • JohnWayne

    Dr. Manning has a brilliant mind and I have become a fan of his over the past years. He has the courage to speak the truth as God gives him the light to see. He is a great American and a great man. God Bless him!

  • Vikki

    Wow – and that’s the truth – think the media will spread this message?

    • Kent2012

      No, they want the idiot sharpyton or the commie rag head clown farakhany….

  • Kent2012

    It does the soul good to see a man of color in an important and capable position speak the truth to the lies spewing out of our hopeless media….

  • James

    This is the Church Obama should have been going too. This man has the guts to stand up and tell the truth. He is telling them what I have been saying, and that is the problems
    is not “racism” it is “behaviorism.”
    Furthermore the truth is that you do not have to be black to be the so called victim of “behaviorism” White thugs, Latino thugs, and countless others that strut around with pants down below their butts and an attitude of you are disc-respecting me, all are shunned by

    I suspect that there will be those that will call this man an “uncle Tom”, because if they have no reason to riot, how are they going to
    get that new TV and those $300.00 sneakers?

  • BahiaBob

    That was the most amazing display of common sense on this subject I have seen! Pastor Dr. James David Manning is a very smart man who, as a devout Christian who follows Christ’s teachings, knows why George Zimmermann will never have justice or peace from the black mob.

  • gracentruth

    Wow. I have never heard of this pastor. He is indeed an anointed preacher – and he has Jesus’ backbone. Reminds me of Kipling – “There is neither east nor west, nor border nor breed nor birth, when two strong men stand face to face though they come from the ends of the earth.” To me, a strong man is a man of God (Bible God). Peace,

  • Timothy Campbell

    Call up your church & ask them if they are tossing out the demon possessed whose support Zimmerman b4 going to church. Devil came to kill and destroy.

  • Rebecca Foster

    I love when people prove beyond a doubt that skin color has nothing to do with intelligence and the right way of thinking. I thank GOD that He placed people like this on the earth, otherwise there would be no getting through to some people.


    Honesty, in ANY color is always refreshing. It is sad that We The People no longer expect it in our leaders. There are SO FEW honest people in Washington DC. Mostly because we as a people have STOPPED demanding it and NO LONGER hold their feet to the fire. Nixon resigned in the face of impeachment (as he should have), Clinton, chose to be impeached and stated “it’s not the bad”, Bush (1 and 2) evaded issues either by being better at being covert or because they did less, and OBAMA that idiot believes he the the King of America, Czar, or Supreme Dictator and Demi God…Maybe even God himself I don’t know. What I do know is if we let these morons go unchecked it will only get worse. Thank you Pastor Manning for being a leader, Honest and mostly a Man of God!

  • VIsidore

    What about “Thou shalt not kill?” “If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.”