Governor of Last State Without Concealed Carry Vetoes Bill

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn triggered a backlash from his own party as well as the NRA on Tuesday after he unilaterally changed legislation meant to allow the carrying of concealed weapons.

In a challenge to gun-rights supporters, Quinn moved to cap the number of firearms and rounds that can be carried by Illinois residents and ban guns from any place that serves alcohol.

The move was a nod to the governor’s gun-control base as the state faces a court-ordered July 9 deadline to allow concealed-carry.

But, by using what is known as his “amendatory veto power,” Quinn could imperil the carefully crafted deal, which now heads back to the legislature.

Some lawmakers have already vowed to reject Quinn’s new provisions.

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  • skikruse

    I agree with Pat Quinn. The people that voted for him are not smart enough to carry a gun.

  • jetstream

    Get ready to see Quinn’s veto be over-ridden by the legislature.

  • leewacker

    Quinn is dead politically! He may as well clean out his desk now! The people of Illinois are sick and tired of being TOLD how to live their lives and are taking their state back!

  • James

    Well now you have to look at this from his point of view.
    Given the past, present and future political action of Illinois the last thing
    the government want is an armed citizenry capable le of defending themselves against
    a corrupt government.


    This can be remedied in a hurry if you just decide that politicians of all stripe be denied tax paid security and make those who support gun denial pay a tax…..The 2nd amendment is for all, whether or not you use it’s privilege is up to you and I happen to know that the right to carry is pro life….

  • fatman45

    Why do I keep seeing this terminology everywhere?

    Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn …

    It should read “Illinois Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn …”
    Democrat is the properly terminology when referring to the party or to a member of the party; democratic refers to the process. I realize the left is trying to confuse the issue in the public’s mind, as though anyone not in the Democratic(sic) party must therefore be un-democratic. But why do so many conservatives fall for this stuff?