National Intelligence Director Clapper Apologizes for Lying, Now Suggests He Was Confused

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has apologized for telling Congress the National Security Agency doesn’t gather data on millions of Americans.

The apology comes after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden gave top-secret information to newspapers that last month published stories about the federal government collecting the data from phone calls and such Internet communications as emails.

Clapper apologized in a letter to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein that was posted Tuesday on the website of Clapper’s office.

Clapper said in the June 21 letter that his answer was “clearly erroneous”…

Clapper said in the letter to Feinstein that when answering he was confounded by the word dossier and challenged by trying to protect classified information. He also said that when answering Wyden, he was focused on whether the U.S. collected the content of phone and email conversations, and not so-called metadata, which essentially is phone numbers, email addresses, dates and times. He wrote that he “simply didn’t think of” the pertinent section of the Patriot Act under which that information can be collected.

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  • 1LTLos

    Sorry Bub it dont work that way. YOu were called upon as a witness to discuss what you knew about NSA procedures and you lied while under oath. No one has called upon you to say you are sorry or called you to express you were confused That is not how the system of investigation of witnesses works. If confused then you probably should not be in a position of such high responsibility. Your responses are NOW PUBLIC RECORD — You cannot undo your lying anymore than Obscumbo can undo his sealing his records. You lie like a rug!!

  • sooner4ever

    So, when Bill Clinton wasn’t sure what the definition of “is,” is, he was really just confused?

  • rwp24382

    I can just bet that any convict that thought he could have gotten away with his crime by saying he was confused or I forgot, wouldn’t have used that line a long time ago? This administration is definitely showing new criminals of how to dodge the system.

  • James

    This just goes to show you that Obama’s administration is
    inept and not qualified to be in office.
    Either this guy lied to protect Obama or he does not know what is going
    on in his agency. Either way he should be fired and banned from any other
    political office. Remember this is not the first one that got caught. We have
    the IRS and she took the 5th.
    We have the Attorney General being caught in his gun running and he
    claimed he did not know anything about it. There is a long list of agency heads
    that seem not to know what is going on in their own departments. Oh well, Obama
    himself said he did not know what is going on. There is no way around this. They
    all are incompetent or a liars, either way they should be fired.

  • amiciLatinae

    So, if Clapper lied under oath and Congress does not indict him for perjury, does that mean Congress now owes Bill Clinton an appology?

  • georgev

    Can we the people break laws then apologize and get away with it. No we can’t.
    Is this the country that we are proud of?
    Is this the dirrection we wnat this government to go to?
    To lie to the people of America whenever they want and then just say sorry when they are caught in the lie.
    This is outraeous an we need stand against this and not accept this type of law breaking behavior.
    Our rights and our Constitution is being destroyed right in our faces and nothing gets done.
    This will not end well for all of us if these criminals are allowed to get away with this.