Proof Positive: You Are a Bio-Mechanical Machine Created by Intelligent Design (+video)

ATP Synthase is a molecular machine found in many living organisms. It serves as a miniature power-generator, producing an energy-carrying molecule, adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

The ATP synthase machine has many parts we recognize from human-designed technology, including a rotor, a stator, a camshaft or driveshaft, and other basic components of a rotary engine.

This machine is just the final step in a long and complex metabolic pathway involving numerous enzymes and other molecules—all so the cell can produce ATP to power biochemical reactions, and provide energy for other molecular machines in the cell.

  • James

    Oh yeah, and this all just happened from evolution, but
    where did the start of evolution come from. To believe in evolution without believing in divine design is like believing that pigs will spout wings and fly because they have a need to move to more food.

    To believe entirely in evolution one would have to ask why
    then are there extinct species? Why did they not evolve to meet whatever crises that causes their extinction? Would it not be more reasonable to believe it was because of a divine plan? The species were designed to do a task once that task was done the species was no longer needed. Much like we do today. We design and build a retaining wall to hold back the earth while we construct a better building. Once the building is at a certain point, the retaining wall is destroyed.