Walt Disney Conspired With Population Control Zealots in 1968 by Producing this Video

Thanks to a Facebook post by Rey Flores I became aware of this video created by Walt Disney in 1968. Incredible….

The Disney film was part of the Sierra Club/Ehrlich campaign that had a lot of support from Western power elites. How Disney allowed itself to be co-opted into producing this propaganda piece for the Rockefeller’s notorious Population Council is undoubtedly quite an interesting story.


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  • raynetherwood

    Ok, dumb question, has any one actually viewed the little clip? We’re now somehow against family planning or information about things in general?

    We’re going a little cuckoo.

    • Adam Baum

      Assuming that “family planning” is a benign thing, without unanticipated consequences, it’s one thing for an individual couple to postpone or limit offspring based on individual circumstances, it’s quite another for governments and ngo’s to orchestrate population control.
      You’re going cuckoo if you can’t make the distinction.

      • raynetherwood

        So you didn’t watch it, or you can’t make the distinction?
        What I find troubling is both the far right and left twisting things to be something they are not.
        There is absolutely nothing bad about this old, pretty well done clip.
        If there’s a boogey man in there, someone else is simply doing their own propaganda.

      • Fireal Laname

        Typical republitard thinking. Who exactly will orchestrate population control then? Or are you one of those people who think everyone should have 6 kids.

        You shouldn’t have dropped out of school prior to learning about exponents.

  • Thomas Robert Malthus

    First, the film was produced for the Population Council, which was separate from and often critical of Ehrlich’s Zero Population Growth (ZPG). In contrast to ZPG, which recommended coercive measures to limit population growth, the Population Council promoted voluntary family planning. The main problem with this film is that it implies that having a small family will increase individual prosperity and socioeconomic status, eliding the structural conditions producing poverty in the parts of the world this film targeted.