‘We’re Ready for Battle’: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Arms Officers With AR-15-Style Rifles After Comrade Was Killed in Driveway (+video)

PHOENIX (TheBlaze/AP) — A detention officer with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office died Thursday after being shot in the driveway of his Arizona home while he prepared to head to work. Now, all officers in the department are being armed with rifles by the direction of Sheriff Joe Arpaio for added protection.

Jorge Vargas, 27, was rushed to a hospital after the 4 a.m. attack and died a short time later, Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said.

No one was in custody yet and there was no information on a motive.

“It’s really a whodunit,” Crump said, adding that investigators are looking into whether the shooting was connected to the victim’s job.

“Anytime we have a homicide and the suspect is unknown, we start with our victim,” Crump said. “But we can’t rule out a random act.”

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  • Dempseycoleman

    What a Shame I spent a while in Jail what amazed me was the fact
    that I was the only person in the whole Ontario County Jail that was
    Guilty. Everyone else convicted or waiting on trial were all Innocent.
    I met a lot of Guards, been in several City and County Jails. I could
    never see why anyone could want these people dead. They would not even have that JOB if WE did not make the JOB necessary in the first