‘Artificial Egg’ Made from Plants Backed by Bill Gates Set to Revolutionize Cooking Goes on Sale at Whole Foods

Photo Credit: Cody Pickens

Photo Credit: Cody Pickens

A radical ‘artificial egg’ backed by Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel and Bill Gates goes on sale in US supermarkets for the first time today.

Made from plants, it can replace eggs in everything from cakes to mayonnaise – without a chicken ever coming close to the production process.

The team today started selling their ‘plant egg’, called Beyond Eggs, in Whole Foods in California – and say it could soon be available in supermarkets worldwide.

‘We want to take animals out of the equation,’ said Josh Tetrick, the firm’s founder. ‘The food industry is begging for innovation, especially where animals are involved – it is a broken industry.’

Tetrick’s idea was to find a mix of easy-to-grow plants that, when mixed together in the right way, replicate the taste, nutritional values and cooking properties of an egg.

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  • James

    If Bill Gates is involved you will have to wait 5 minutes for the egg to warm up and then when you crack it the shell will break apart
    and the pieces will spell out ERROR rebreak the shell. If problem continues contact you plant provider.

    Only buy the eggs by the half dozen because before you use them all you will have to upgrade to Egg 2.0 in order for your recipes to turn out. Also after the second egg to your cake batter, your mixer will slow down to the speed of a wooden spoon. You will have save the mix to the refrigerator,
    purge the cake mix from the mixer, unplug the mixer wait at least 30 second plug the mixer back in, remove the cake mix from the refrigerator and continue. If that does not solve your problem contact Betty Crocker for support.
    With Peter Thiel’s input, once the cake is in the oven, you cannot get it out for 2 weeks until Taste Pal is sure that all parties are
    satisfied with the type of cake, the frosting, the taste and there is sufficient money in your Taste Pal account to cover the cost and pay your fee.

    • dharris23451

      hahahah – awesome post!!

    • CSN

      Someone should post your comment on the New York Times, Washington Post, and USA Today. Very good!

  • Amy Walker

    This and GMO products are a slap in the face and a direct insult to our Creator, the Sovereign LORD God Almighty.

    • gracentruth

      Amen. Peace,

  • CSN

    There are already egg replacements available in natural food stores. I’ve got one of them on my shelf now. I believe it is plant based and made from some kind of starch substance which is usually corn or rice based. Don’t know what all the hubub is about, but if Bill Gates has his footprint on it, don’t buy it….he’s one of those who wants to see the populations reduced greatly, as we’re just useless eaters if were not millionaires.