Colorado County Considers Giving Flowers a ‘Right to Life’

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

The Boulder, Colo. local government will deliberate a new law next week that would legally define and protect plants and animals as living beings.

The ‘Rights of Nature’ movement recently descended on Boulder to push environmentalist laws to the local government, according to Denver Westwood News. Their most recent proposal asks that Boulder County recognize ”the rights of all naturally occurring ecosystems and their native species populations to exist and flourish.”

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  • gwedem5995

    It is no wonder our country is in the mess we are in. Has Colorado completely lost it’s mind. With all the troubles they are having, you would think they would apply themselves to important things. I hope you liberals who keep voting these nuts in live to regret it.

  • James

    We need to ban mentally ill people from government. I guess that you will no longer be able to mow your yard, kill the thorns and thistles that grow and you will not be able to dig a foundation for a home because I am
    sure you will be destroying some plant life in the process. What about those evasive plants that have found their way there?
    Are we to let them flourish and continue to crow out the native plants? Oh and I guess they will prosecute the weather for all that flooding that destroys the plants. What a
    bunch of ding bats. This reminds me of
    the time some educated idiot put some electrodes into a plate of jello and claimed
    that the jello felt pain as it was eaten. A bunch of nut jobs protested eating Jello.

  • raynbene

    Yes, there’s nothing more important for these children of flower punks to do than improve the ‘rights’ of flowers, animals and so forth – – uh, what happens when a natural flood disaster, such as is happening right now in CO, causes mass destruction of flowers, animals and so forth ?? Will they sue Mother Nature on behalf of all the wildlife she just naturally destroyed, in order to ‘compensate’ for all the ‘pain and suffering’ she ‘imposed’ on them ??? They would probably allow it . . .

  • Rocknrobyn

    If I might opine in just a small way…? Plants and animals should have a right to life, but human babies still in utero do not have that same right according to the Coloradan powers that be? How have human rights been so usurped?

  • amiciLatinae

    Colorado is two States and the sane counties want to seceed from those infected by the insanity of pantheists who have migrated to Boulder, Denver, the Springs, and Pueblo from the Left coast. Although unlikely, one envisions angels pushing the ‘flush’ button on those tree-huggers in Boulder last week.

  • Barry_Suxx

    Right-to-Life for Flowers? But what about all the Sand-burs and Goat-Head patches,, don’t they have the same Rights? Oh My,,, I can just see a rash of discrimination court battles now about ‘Wheat vs Tares’.

    eg: How dare we discriminate against the Tares…. They’ve had a hard life and are being overtly discriminated AGAINST; to the point of open genocide (herbicides). Shouldn’t they be cultivated equally?

    And what about our poor Ticks and Mosquitos? The little Blood-Suckers ask for so little, but give us SO MUCH in return. Yet we kill them on first sight.
    (sarcasm off)

    Yes,, the Liberal mind is a twisted and dangerous thing.

  • Amy Walker

    Only human life was created in the image of the Sovereign LORD God Almighty. Therefore humankind is only the kind of life that has a “right to life.” It is the responsibility of humankind to use natural resources, plants and animals wisely and care for them with efficient and effectives ways that will ensure that we can use them infinitely.

    To place the value of any other life form above the value of human life id a direct insult and rejection of the wisdom and sovereignty of LORD God Almighty.

    Isaiah 14:26 -27 This is the plan determined for the whole world; this is the hand stretched out over all nations.
    For the LORD Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart Him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back?
    Isaiah 40:5 And the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.
    Isaiah 45:12 Thus saith GOD the LORD, ” I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even My hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.”

  • skikruse

    Call me Hitler. I mowed the lawn.

  • BryBaby59

    Brother, Do these leftists have anything better to do with their time? The country and the entire world, for that matter, is rapidly disentegrating right before our eyes because of their nonsense. It gets more ludicrous by the day. They have no common sense whatsoever. I wish they were as concerned with the outright murder of 50,000,000 pre-born children as they are plants and animals. I’m sorry, but they are just plain evil. WIth libs at the helm, the world has become a truly dark, negative and depressing place. Everything they touch, they destroy. All that is good and positive about America is gone. Violence, poverty, racism – everything they supposedly hate, just explodes when they attempt to lead. The irony of liberalism – They bring about everything they despise. I just pulled all of my withered annuals up out of their pots to make way for the fall flowers. Would I get arrested for that in CO?