John McCain Unapologetic After Playing iPhone Poker During Syria Hearing

Photo Credit: Forbes

Photo Credit: Forbes

The elected members of the U.S. Congress will soon vote on whether the country should send missiles into Syria, intervening in a war that has already claimed the lives of over 100,000.

One would think that the matter before the Congress would at least command their attention. But, as the Senate conducted a hearing today to discuss the details of the strike, and the arguments for and against it, Sen. John McCain took out his iPhone and played poker to pass the time.

An image of McCain’s phone was captured by Washington Post photographer Melina Mara, and posted to the Post’s live blog of the hearing. The photo is blurry, but clearly depicts a game in progress.

When he learned of the picture, McCain posted a flippant response to Twitter. “Scandal!” he wrote. “Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost!”

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  • Bert

    A career pol can do anything he wants to do and screw what the citizens think of him. Why has this man been re-elected so many times?

  • Jab

    @Bert, You need a quality person and a person with a lot of financial backing to beat someone like John McCain. The longer people like McCain stay in office the larger their coffers get and they are hard to beat. If all the people would get their heads out of the sand and check not only their voting records but what these politicians are saying and doing they would vote more wisely. I don’t know if we will ever see that. Most people just scratch the surface.

  • ldazzle

    He could’ve been playing w/himself! His mind’s already made up, support the Raghead Bro Hood!

  • Amy Walker

    McCain is an idiot!

  • joespoint

    Isn’t that better than having him involved? If politicians like McCain would stay out of more issues, then maybe something meaningful could get done by the few intelligent ones that are there.