Study: More than 400 Union Officials Made Over $250K in 2012

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

More than 400 labor officials earned more than a quarter of a million dollars in salary in 2012, according to a new study.

Media Trackers found that the top 100 highest paid union officials garnered more than $52 million in 2012, salaries paid by membership dues of the laborers and government employees they represent.

The top-paid union official is NBA Player’s Association head G. William Hunter, who made more than $3.1 million on the year. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees chief Lee Saunders rounded out the top 100 with gross pay of $353,580, according to the study.

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  • James

    There once was a time when unions were needed to help the
    worker, but this once great organization has been taken over by crooks and con
    men. They no longer give a dam about the worker. There only interest now is
    their own wealth and access to power through politicians. Now days, they destroy more jobs than they
    save and protect the lazy bum at the expense of a good employee. During my life
    time I have been a member of 3 separate unions and not a dam one of them did
    anything for the union members. They took your dues but gave nothing in return.
    In fact the reason I was a member of 3 different unions was that I had to change jobs because the union force the company to shut down and move. The trouble with unions and nonunion employee is that they want more and more. They do not stop and think where the money to give them more will come from. They seem to think that the owner of the companies can just pull it out of the air or that the owners will take less and
    give the more. It never seems to dawn on
    them that why should the owner go to all that trouble unless he can make a profit? Would you take what money you have and give
    it to someone and not get anything in return?

  • skikruse

    On the backs of the working man…..