Alaska Slams Feds for Keeping Hunters off Land

Photo Credit: Alex SlitzAlaska lawmakers accused the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of violating federal law by shutting down hunting on its lands during the government shutdown, saying a 1980 law guarantees state residents must have access to the land.

“It seems that agencies are working harder to keep people off federal lands than they have ever worked before to get them to visit federal lands,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Republican, who questioned the Obama administration’s decisions during the week-old shutdown.

The National Park Service has faced scorching criticism for closing not just parks, but even parking lots and drives that don’t require continual monitoring or upkeep. Other federal land management agencies also are facing criticism.

A tour guide who had a group at Yellowstone National Park accused the Park Service of “Gestapo tactics” in trying to prevent visitors from viewing any of the sites, saying that while they were allowed to remain at the lodge in the park, they were not allowed to do much else — including walk on the boardwalk paths outside the lodge or visit the park’s geysers.

And when he took the tour bus with his group along the road and stopped to photograph bison, he said, a ranger drove up behind them and told them they could be charged with trespassing.

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  • jon

    This is how the Obama temper tantrum is being displayed if i can’t get my way then you will suffer !! stomps his feet , has a hissy fit . the then slams the door to his room. if you don’t agree with me and do as i say then no talks and i will even blame you for the default and the closings even tho i have ordered all the closings and wasting even more money to see that they are closed and no one can enter or go to any national monument !!! I am the great obama (as he looks in the mirror and preans) . forget i said the exact same thing about the debt sealing in 2006 when i was a Senator

  • jdelaney3

    If Alaskans are unwilling to defend their sovereignty, then they need to learn how to bow.

    • Mark

      It’s not just Alaskans. It’s every citizen in America. As citizens, we need to refocus our perspective on the concept of public lands and how these lands are managed. Public Lands are just that – public lands. It’s yours, mine and every taxpaying citizen (and their guests), to enjoy, maintain and take care of. Organizations like The US Forest Service and the BLM (National Park Service) are there to help us citizens manage these lands. They are not to be used as thugs to restrict our movements whenever our elected officials or appointed bureaucrats get a hair up their ass.

  • howler1968

    I was just chatting with friends about how come the NPS has refused entry to open air parks and monuments yet the BLM (shutdown) is not banning access to their controlled “open air” public lands.
    I suggested that maybe it has to do with the fact that hunting seasons are open and all those armed US hunters are afield.
    This is outrageous behavior by the feds. I’m shocked there has not been any confrontations between Alaskan hunters and F&WS personnel.

    obama is trying to incite confrontations…….while cringing behind the bodies of others.

  • The Eternal Patriot

    If I were the governor of Alaska, I would use the National Guard to bring this crap to a head. I don’t think the Forest Service is prepared to mess with the NG. After all, the purpose of the NG is to protect states’ rights, and this is a perfect example! Someone needs to stand up to this growing epidemic of federal abuses.

  • Engineer313

    The people in this country talk a good game, but they don’t have the guts to stand up to O bama, and the very people they voted into office and throw them out. Obama, does not deserve to be the leader of this country, he and about 90% of the Congress need to be thrown out. Do I hear the word “IMPEACHMENT”?