Miller Welcomes Dan Sullivan Into the U.S. Senate Race

Fairbanks, Alaska. October 15, 2013 — Today U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller welcomed Dan Sullivan into the U.S. Senate race in Alaska.

Campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto stated, “Competition is good for the Republican Party. We look forward to a healthy debate about how to best restore what has been our nation’s true birthright: to live in a land where our constitutional freedoms are secure and where the American dream is alive and well. We trust during the course of this campaign the primary voters will learn the clear distinctions between the candidates and their views of the role of government in our daily lives.”

Sullivan joins Miller and Mead Treadwell, who officially announced his candidacy last month. John Jaramillo and Kathleen Tonn have also indicated they will seek the Republican nomination.

  • JB

    Joe, you’ve done an excellent job these last couple of years. I can appreciate what you do as I also put out factual and educational newsletters hoping to educate the low information groups.
    I hope the people of Alaska have now realized the unethical tactics that were used against you in the last campaign by your opponent has cost them all dearly. When they elect someone with no more ethics than she has, it affects us all, nation wide.
    Good luck. I think you can count on us all to spread the good word about you.

  • gracentruth

    True the vote and Miller will win. Is such a thing possible in this corrupt state? The people keep suffering and the political machine keeps trampling on them. Peace,

  • Amy Walker

    Praying people around our state realize Joe Miller really IS the one who is Restoring Liberty to our state and nation. Joe Miller US Senate 2014 Alaska’s Champion of American Freedom!