Obamacare Can Be Defunded Without Senate Approval

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

When the House passed legislation to defund ObamaCare but would keep the government running through mid-December, the Senate, led by Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) stated that they would not budge on Obamacare and the legislation was defeated.

On Monday, Dr. Harold Pease, an expert on the United States Constitution, stated that the authority in dealing with Obamacare funding belongs to the U.S. House, not the U.S. Senate and that the House is doing this all wrong.

Pease said, “Everything hinged upon funding which was given exclusively to the House of Representatives, the only power that they alone had.”

Pease went on to say, “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills. To fund anything, in this case Obamacare, first approval is required by the House of Representatives.”

“If that does not happen taxpayer money cannot be spent. The people, through their representatives to Congress, have determined, after a three-year closer scrutiny of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), that it does not protect the patient, is not affordable and is not even workable; hence in the interests of the vast majority of the people needs to be defunded.”

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  • Daninfla

    That pesky constitution keeps rearing it’s ugly head and getting in the way of progress(ives).

    • fatman45

      The Constitution? That old thing?

  • james

    We all know that the House can refuse to fund Obama Care
    that is what I told them to do over 4 years ago. However, we the people have
    let the senate and the entire Obama administration ignore the rules of
    government as well as the Constitution and do as they dame well please. Why
    because the voter does not know what he can do about it, and he is to dam lazy
    to learn. He will wait until he gets the bill and then complain. Call write and
    visit your congressman every dam day if you have to, but make it clear that his
    job will be given to someone else if he does not do what you want. Also, force
    a bill to allow for recall on all Congressmen and Senators so that this crap
    can never happen again.

    Then pressure the state to pass a constitutional amendment
    to forbid Congress from exempting themselves from any laws that they pass.

  • MikeyParks

    If this is true, why doesn’t the House do it!

    • Joe1938

      No stone RINOs is why the house doesn’t do anything about the many felonies committed by this socialist-communist-marxist-islamofascist administration.

    • Anita

      Because the majority of the repub party are closet communist, socialist, progressive democrats. These sorry lying sobs are still hiding in the closet. They haven’t come out yet.

  • gracentruth

    So why doesn’t the House know that? Of if they do, why don’t they just do it. Just say NO to obamatax. Peace,

  • Monte R Stamper


  • Joe1938

    Re “United States Constitution”?! What “United States Constitution”?! Based on what the gestapo has been doing for years, there is no “United States Constitution”

  • libertytribune

    Ive been saying this and no one has been listening, all spending and funding ordinates in the House and the Senate can only propose changes or concur otherwise they have no say. We know never know this as our public education system has left out so much. So, the House needs to act like they can and will do so.

    • thetruth13

      It’s a lie that spending bills have to originate in the House. The Constitution says that “Bills for raising Revenue”, not spending revenue, should originate in the House.

  • Bob2002

    Based on the leaked emails by Harry Reid, it was Boehner who agreed to exempt the House, Senate, and their staffs from the provisions of ObamaCare. If he caves on this, we need a movement in the House to get rid of him.

  • CatLadyHouston

    Then why in the h— don’t the gutless, cowards in the House DEFUND Obamacare IF they do not need the Senate to do so according to our Constitution. Have the stupid House Representatives read the Constitution any better than they have read the Obamacare Bill>>>> Sounds as if the answer is NO!!!! DEFUND OBAMACARE SINCE ALL THE MONIES COME FROM THE HOUSE, NOT THE SENATE. OR perhaps John Boehner does not even know what the Constitution says about this. So sorry he is the speaker, he should be kicked out today.

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