U.S. Senator Cruz Blocks Confirmation of New FCC Chairman

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan ErnstRepublican Senator Ted Cruz, a conservative whose defiant stand against Obamacare helped prompt the U.S. government shutdown, has blocked the Senate from voting on the nomination of Tom Wheeler to be Federal Communications Commission chairman.

The Senate was scheduled to vote on Wheeler, a Democrat and telecom industry veteran, late on Wednesday. Cruz held up the vote over questions about the FCC’s power to enforce disclosures of who sponsors political television advertising.

“The Senator is holding the nominee until he gets answers to his questions regarding Mr. Wheeler’s views on whether the FCC has the authority or intent to implement the requirements of the failed Congressional DISCLOSE Act,” said Cruz spokesman Sean Rushton, referring to a failed bill meant to step up political disclosures.

“Mr. Wheeler had previously declined to give specific answers, but as he’s now expressed his readiness to revisit the Senator’s questions, the Senator hopes to communicate with him soon,” Rushton said.

If Wheeler cannot resolve Cruz’s concerns, Senate Democrats could force a vote on the nomination. Majority Leader Harry Reid would decided whether to take that action.

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  • wabby99

    More smoke and mirrors…..or should we call it Kabuki theater. Cruz knows exactly where this progressive stands. So why the BS? Does Cruz think this guy is going to testify on the floor of the Senate that he wants deeper disclosure on political contributors? He will say he does not agree with the Disclose Act then go about doing just the opposite. Then what Mr. Cruz??? Every appointee of Obama’s is a progressive and will be appointed in order to move the fundamental changes to America as Obama promised 5 years ago and our own Republicans are more than happy to oblige. Do you all really think we don’t see the Kabuki theater taking place. Do you really think we do not realize the Republicans are sleeping in the same bed with the Democrats. Do you really think we do not know that Cruz, Paul, Lee and rest are just pawns thrown out there to make the conservatives think we have someone on our side. Neither Cruz, Paul, Lee or any of them are on our side. They are on their side. Politicians only know two things. Getting power and keeping power. And they will play whatever role assigned in order to maintain those two things. Pats on the back for standing strong against Obama? Are you kidding me. They caved like a wet blanket. Two weeks of government shut down that cost us more than if it had never happened and in the end what did Americans get? Nothing but SCREWED again. And they didn’t even give us as much as a wad of vaseline. Sorry people but it is time to abandon both parties. We should have done in 2008 immediately after a Marxist was elected to the Presidency. You cannot convert these criminals.

    • Vikki


    • Daddler

      Thank goodness Cruz, Lee, Rand and Ghomert to name a few are trying. Our founding fathers did not have a defeatist attitude! They fought to the end and some even gave their lives. We have to have the same resolve. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!

  • Kent2012

    make the clowns miserable Senator….

  • Linda

    Way to go Cruz ! We need more like you in DC


    President Cruz will do a fine job. The GOP needs real leaders , not the lying, spineless corrupt RINO elite.

  • DoesAlJazeeraSupportAlQaeda


    • SmithWinston6478

      Who is it you think has the authority to shut down the government?

  • cxhaug

    There he is again rehearsing for his role as dictator of the US.

  • helen

    I Love You Senator Cruz!!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

  • Flunking_retirement

    Even making Harry Reid do his job is worth watching. Make no mistake, the left is having a hair fire over Cruz.

  • Koibaby

    I love Ted Cruz!