Boston Children’s Hospital Kidnaps Teen Girl for 10 Months, Holds her as Prisoner While Threatening Parents

Photo Credit: Natural News A 15-year-old Connecticut girl remains held by Boston Children’s Hospital, a victim of the hospital’s “kidnap and ransom” operation, traditionally called “K&R.” K&R is not usually seen in hospitals, and that’s what makes this story so bizarre and disturbing.

Boston Children’s Hospital kidnapped the teen girl from her Connecticut family nearly 10 months ago under the excuse of a contrived medical diagnosis. Through legal maneuvering, the hospital managed to gain legal custody of the girl, and the “ransom demand” is the demand that the parents stop trying to remove the girl from the hospital so that Boston Children’s can generate maximum revenue from so-called “treatments” which have so far accomplished nothing.

“It is kidnapping,” said the girl’s father, Lou Pelletier. “It’s beyond any wildest nightmare that you could think of.”

The clinical psychologist known by the family says, “It’s the most bizarre situation … I’ve ever been involved with.”

After the contrived diagnosis by the hospital, both parents “were escorted out of the hospital by security, and within four days, they lost custody of Justina,” reports

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    This is the face of Liberalism when it is unchecked. Boston is a hub of Liberal activity and attitude. Liberals ‘KNOW’ so much more than us mere mortals, and they feel not only entitled, but REQUIRED to force us to see things their way. They have no problem putting a gun to you head to make you ‘understand’ that their ideas are PERFECT, just as our are FLAWED. We are getting closer to the day when forced interment in Concentration Camps will be seen by them as ‘Necessary’, therefore ‘Acceptable’. Under Liberalism (and all forms of socialism), parents do not own their children, the STATE does. Is this the ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD’ you had in mind?

    • Joe1938

      FEMA camps?! Might these camps be a reality? Is there one in or near everyone’s neighborhood.

  • tjl

    Its amazing how many people vote in the very politicians and laws that will later hurt them. Then they wonder why its happening to them.
    This country is sick with control and exploitation of children and they always sell it buy saying its for the “protection” of children.
    Our wonderful fellow conservatives are actually some of the worst at this. Check out how many “child protection” laws and “stiffer” sentence legislation has come from the conservative camp, all packaged in “moral outrage” which looks good to the vengeful heart but in the end gives dangerous controls that can easily be misused.
    Conservatives act on emotion just like the liberals do. They try to mask it by calling it “moral indignation”. The sooner conservatives admit it the sooner they can correct that bad behavior in themselves and stop going nuts every time some outrageous crime against a child occurs and making more outrageous laws.
    The liberals and the socialists are by for the biggest reactionaries on most issues, by far, but when it comes to crimes against children the conservatives lead the pack like rabid dogs.
    True conservatism doesn’t promote law before personal responsibility. Nor does it require stricter guidelines for “child protection”, which is, without a doubt, in part, why this child was taken.
    We’ve got to go through a period of legislative repeal, and stop making more law. Its out of control in all venues and on all issues. No more law!

  • Linda

    This hospital should be closed and every one of the participants should be sued for everything they own ! You know they are brainwashing this child against her parents !

  • DM

    Disgusting, we have given up our rights year after year! I cannot believe this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA anymore honestly, I am saddened by all of these stories, I remember a better time, what has happened to us?