Common Core Being Rammed Through West Virginia

Photo Credit: Jim MullenThe Parkersburg News (Parkersburg, West Virginia) report of Tuesday’s Wood County Board of Education meeting stated board members were presented a one hour and 40-minute presentation on the next-generation standards (sanitized new code words for Common Core State Standards Initiative.) The article stated the talk was tailored to answer a lot of pointed questions directed to the board by this writer concerning Common Core.

It’s true this writer asked many questions about Common Core and about what is going on with education in this county. However, I also asked the board and administration to address their answers to the parents, voters, and taxpayers of Wood County in a well-advertised Town Hall-style meeting where public questions could be aired, and the board and administration could interact with taxpayers and parents in discussions about education in our county; and Common Core.

Noticeably, this staged performance was veiled under “curriculum report” on the agenda. No one reading the agenda could have known the discussion would cover Common Core.

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