Expert Testifies: Common Core Causing Self Mutilation (+video)

Photo Credit: YouTube Mary Calamia of Stony Brook, New York is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She recently testified at the Suffolk County Education Forum hosted by the New York State Assembly Minority Education Committee on the increase in self-mutilation and other behaviors, particularly among honor students, since the Common Core was implemented.

According to Calmia and other clinicians, the Common Core attempts to have students perform activities that are not developmentally appropriate. It isn’t as much the material as it is what students are expected to do with the material that falls outside the developmental norms for the age group in which the material is directed.

In her opinion, much of this self-mutilation is induced by the stress of repeated testing and the nature of the questions in testing. The prefrontal cortex is not fully developed in young children, yet the kind of questions common core asks children requires a developed prefrontal cortex. Because of the lack of neurodevelopment, the child’s mind will tap into the limbic system where fear and anger rule the logic. The result is series of destructive behaviors, including self-mutilation.

The text of her testimony tracks closely to her oral presentation, but there are some minor differences in words. Her testimony is haunting, and a reminder that children are not miniature adults.

Remember the old public service announcement “this is your brain on drugs” that showed an egg being fried? Well, one could make an add “this is your child on Common Core” with what clinicians are seeing in their practices in places where Common Core is in full implementation.

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