Benson, Oregon Math Teacher Fired for Pro-Life Views (+video)

Photo Credit: Free Patriot

Photo Credit: Free Patriot

With a major push to improve math scores through the Common Core in Oregon, it seems they can hardly afford to fire math teachers, particularly the only one who is qualified to teach dual high school and college credit math courses. To achieve that goal, one would think that Planned Parenthood’s role in the classroom would be less important than math. Yet, it seems they fired a math teacher who wanted to teach math rather than turn his classroom into a Planned Parenthood recruitment ground.

Bill Diss was a math and technology teacher at Benson High School in Portland, Oregon for 11 years. Mr. Diss was opposed being forced to allow recruiters from the Teen Outreach Program (TOP), a program administered by Planned Parenthood, to enter his classroom during tutorial sessions. Previously, a “health education team” came into his computers science class uninvited to enroll his students in the Health and Human Services’ Teen Outreach Program (TOP).

He was fired this week because he told Planned Parenthood they were not allowed in his class.

His objections to the TOP outreach program seems well grounded. The “facilitators” had not gone through the mandatory background checks that are required for school personnel/volunteers nor did they have the certifications for sex/child abuse that the state requires. Further, he felt the use of monetary rewards for enrollment to be troublesome. Then there is the issue of effective use of classroom time, particularly since the TOP program has no relevance to anything he is teaching.

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  • James

    We the taxpayers pay for our schools to educate our children, not indoctrinate them. I applaud this teacher these groups have no
    business brining in our schools at all. The schools do not have enough time as it is to teach our children and these liberal ass holes want to take what time they do have to teach them their own agenda. No wonder the U.S. schools have slipped from no 1 in the world to something like 21st, and if that is not bad enough, the ability of our children to solve problems has dropped to below average.

  • simpletony1

    My kind of man. This is the kind of junk we left California for, moving to AZ last year and never considered the left coast. Too bad about these states that aren’t fit for human habitation

  • Daddy Kickass

    Too bad Obama’s mama didn’t have an abortion. Is it too late?

  • CSN

    How long are we going to allow Big Brother to stomp on our Rights as Citizens to deny access to this kind of over abuse of the system. Planned Barrenhood has no place in a High School Math Class, and without the proper credentials. Why was the math Teacher let go, and not Planned Barrenhood barred from entering the school? This is an Oxy-Moron. Too bad My Father’s Old Stomping Grounds, which was an All Boys Tech School in the 20’s and 30’s, turned into Co-Ed. He decried that decision many a day before he died on April 2nd, 2013. RIP Dear Papa.

  • tjl

    It is so bad in Oregon, and some other States, that he would have received a raise if he had flunked students for expressing pro-life opinions instead of being pro-life himself.
    Glad I no longer live in that State. Of course, Alaska isn’t that much better on most issues. The entire country is in a repulsive mess of sin that is choking the life out of it.