Barack Obama’s Dictatorial Tendencies

Barack_Obama_addresses_joint_session_of_Congress_2009-02-24Dear Friend of Liberty,

Earlier this week, Senator Ted Cruz explained remarks made by his father comparing Barack Obama to Fidel Castro and agreed with him that Barack Obama disregards the law, like in “dictatorial societies.” I completely concur with this assessment.

Cruz’s father, Rafael, fled Cuba in search of freedom in the United States following Castro’s rise to power in the late 1950s.

Ted Cruz, while granting there are vast differences between the United States and Cuba, said, “But the point my father was making, he was focusing on a sentence that President Obama used in the last two State of the Union addresses where he said, ‘If Congress doesn’t act, I will.’”

Cruz offered ObamaCare as exhibit A in his case of the President changing numerous provisions of the law, without congressional authorization.

These unilateral acts are in no way limited to the healthcare law. The President’s infamous pronouncement to act with or without Congress was made in regards to climate change, which he did through EPA regulation. He has also failed to enforce immigration law and mandatory sentencing minimums for federal crimes.

The list of abuses goes on. He unilaterally chose not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act; he made recess appointments when Congress was not in recess; his Administration has stonewalled congressional investigations into Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the NSA and the IRS. This President feels that somehow he is above the law and does not have to answer to the people.

You know where I stand; I’m not “Johnny come lately” to this fight!

You don’t have to wonder whether I’ll fight for your Constitutional Liberties. You don’t have to wonder whether I’ll speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. You know I will.

Our country is at peril, and there is little time to turn it around. It’s time to take a bold stand for the country we love and fight for its future.

When I am elected to the United States Senate, I pledge to confront this lawless administration. You can count on it!

I cannot do this alone; but together we can make a difference.

Thanks for your generosity and support.

In the fight,


  • Kent2012

    Most of the african pretender’s actions and statements give ample evidence that his is an aspiring dicktator, and joey bite me is air head accomplice….

  • gracentruth

    God forgive us, we the people turned from “in God we trust” to “in government we trust”. Isaiah 9:10 (read Isaiah 9:9 first) is culminating rapidly. Peace,

  • RichardM73

    The only way to save this country from Obama is to prove in a court of law that he’s ineligible to be POTUS! Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse have already investigated the fraud in chief and have proven that his background, his BC, his Selective Service and his numerous SSN (one from CT where he never lived) are all fraudulent. This man is an imposter. He’s the enemy of the United States and his actions to date have already proven that fact! Not only is he a fraud, he’s also a felon for perpetrating this giant fraud on the American people. This is why we have voter fraud. The majority of voters in this country do not like him and do not trust him.
    If it can be proven in a court of law the fraud that Obama really is, then everything he’s put his signature to will be null and void. Obamacare will go away, and his commie administration will go away too. If the American voters are happy with being ‘punked’ by Obama, then do nothing or continuing voting for the POS! Otherwise, all you red-blooded Americans need to demand Congress, the Judiciary or the Military do something about this fraud in our White House. He’s destroying our country and we’re already not being able to recognize what made America the greatest nation on earth ever since this SOB took office. He’s not alone either. He’s had a lot of help from the likes of those traitors in our Congress like Pelosi, Reid, and those RINO Republicans and the commie loving, American hating main stream media. These SOBs have infiltrated all levels of our society — i.e., our colleges, our schools, Hollywood, now our judicial and BHO is systematically ridding our military of leaders who do not agree with Obama. We’re in big, big trouble America! Where do you stand?

  • rodulfo-tardo

    Understanding what Senator Cruz says is plain as the “constitutional” ascension of the Third Reich, like Obama, Hitler was obsessed to follow the letter of the law, until the Enabling Act of 1933, gave him the dictatorial powers to eliminate the Weinmar Constitution, whose lifespan was from 1919 to 1933, the same year Adolf Hitler became Reich Chancellor of the German Parliament, and within months of his appointment, the Constitution was no more, the passing of restrictions to the filibuster rule, presents the opportunity for Obama to declare a state of emergency exists, look at what the sequester drama costs were to Miriam Carey, in a highly questionable shooting, in D.C., where the “civilian army” saw it fit to execute an unarmed woman, with an infant in a car seat, the back seat of a two door vehicle, that these ‘brave’ storm troopers were able to remove, before the woman was shot dead, only reason for the silence following this exercise of depraved behavior can only mean, there is something terribly wrong in Washington D.C., were the threat to the people grows to critical mass, while this Sultanate grows in strength, given the attention paid to ‘racial incidents’ that Gauleiters like Sharpton and Jackson, it is a no brainner there is something amiss, As far as Castro, I agree the similarities are plain to see. January 1st. 1959, is a day I will never forget, by late afternoon that day, the public executions began, it was the same practice of “purging” used by Hitler, 1934, and Stalin 1937 to 1938, the elimination of the Military, Police and Political adversaries whether real or imagined, the purpose of every purge, has and always will be the fear that “war by revolution” creates, without this factors into what the power structure will bring, or rather brought. The problem here is the racial religious and political implications of prejudice, and the obvious cooperation from Karl Rove, and that individual that passes off as the head of a republican party that has actively supported this Obama Caliphate, to keep up the appearances that are politically correct, interesting how in 1932, Hitler was patronized by his opponents in the National Socialist, Social Democrat parties and all the other variations that were allowed to be part of the established parties, exactly like Karl Rove has done, no wonder when you consider his membership in the “Swedish Moderate Party” who was in existence in Germany, from 1933 to 1939, at face value it is possible the “Swedes” voted for the Enabling Act in 1933, but the real narrative is, how their arrogant attitude was the Nazi Party was a fad, comparable to Obama’s Democrat Party selection to run in 2008, well that passing phase was for Germany the longest phase they ever had, and for the United States, the Single Party is a reality, no matter what the cosmetics are.