Electric Car Owner Charged With Stealing Nickel of Electricity from Public School (+video)

One Saturday in November, Kaveh Kamooneh drove his Nissan Leaf to Chamblee Middle School, where his 11-year-old son was playing tennis.

Kamooneh had taken the liberty of charging the electric car with an exterior outlet at the school. Within minutes of plugging in the car, he says a Chamblee police officer appeared.

“He said that he was going to charge me with theft by taking because I was taking power, electricity from the school,” Kamooneh said.

Kamooneh says he had charged his car for 20 minutes, drawing about a nickel’s worth of juice. Don Francis of Clean Cities Atlanta, an electric vehicle advocacy group, says the estimate of 5 cents is accurate.

“I’m not sure how much electricity he stole,” said Chamblee police Sergeant Ernesto Ford, but he added: It doesn’t matter. “He broke the law. He stole something that wasn’t his.”

Read more about this electric car owner HERE.

  • joespoint

    Well it’s good to see that the Chamblee Police Dept. is finally taking this rampant crime wave seriously. It’s about time they stopped wasting their valuable time on petty crimes like drugs, and murder.


  • Jimmie R

    He needs to find out how many teachers and janitors pulg their personal iphone and computers in at the school to charge their batteries, I bet they steal much than he did.

  • Linda

    I wonder if he had gone inside to use the bathroom, flush the toilet and washed his hands , just how much water and soap he would be stealing ! If they don’t want people using the electric outlet they should put a pay meter on it. This is “ignorance gone to seed !”

  • Imfrzn

    Whatever happened to “hey man, you can’t charge your car here” Chamblee PD is probably $700 into processing this hideous crime. Let’s hope he wasn’t inside the building and borrowed a pen and then “forgot”(yeah right, criminal!) to give it back!