Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun at LA News Outlets Reporting ‘Arctic’ Conditions in the City (+video)

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 2.30.40 AMA high of 50 degrees is just too low for local NBC, Fox and CBS affiliates

Jimmy Kimmel spent a good portion of his childhood in New York, so he knows cold. On [a recent broadcast], however, the late-night comedian reminded his audiences that many local Los Angeles news reporters do not.

In the wake of the cold front moving through Southern California this week, labeled “arctic” by some outlets, Kimmel compiled a cut of the reporters racing to cover the weather.

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  • howler1968

    Glad Gadi Schwartz is in LA……he dramatizes everything he reports.
    It takes a special person to be a tv news personality…..the kind you don’t want as a next door neighbor.
    You ever notice how tv news never investigates “in depth” one of their own?

  • Barry_Suxx

    “Arctic” conditions in LA….. No doubt it’s due to humans causing this Global “Warming”. (sarc off)