Mark Steyn: Sharia’s Protector

Photo Credit: Steyn Online

Photo Credit: Steyn Online

Rohullah Qarizada is one of those Afghans you used to see a lot on American TV in the immediate aftermath of the Taliban’s fall. Trimly bearded, dapper in Western suit and tie, he heads the Afghan Independent Bar Association in Kabul. Did you know Kabul had a bar association? A few years back, I ran into one of the U.S. prosecutors who helped set it up, with a grant from the Swedish foreign ministry. Mr. Qarizada currently sits on a committee charged with making revisions to the Afghan legal code. What kind of revisions? Well, for example: “Men and women who commit adultery shall be punished based on the circumstances by one of the following punishments: lashing, stoning.”

As in stoning to death. That’s the proposed improvement to Article 21. Article 23 specifies that said punishment shall be performed in public. Mr. Qarizada gave an interview to Reuters, explaining that the reintroduction of stoning was really no big deal: You’d have to have witnesses, and they’d better be consistent. “The judge asks each witness many questions,” he said, “and if one answer differs from other witnesses then the court will reject the claim.” So that’s all right then.

Stoning is making something of a comeback in the world’s legal codes — in October the Sultan of Brunei announced plans to put it on his books. Nevertheless, Kabul has the unique distinction of proposing to introduce the practice on America’s watch. Afghanistan is an American protectorate; its kleptocrat president is an American client, kept alive these last twelve years only by American arms. The Afghan campaign is this nation’s longest war — and our longest un-won war: That’s to say, nowadays we can’t even lose in under a decade. I used to say that, 24 hours after the last Western soldier leaves Afghanistan, it will be as if we were never there. But it’s already as if we were never there: The last Christian church in the country was razed to the ground in 2010.

At this point, Americans sigh wearily and shrug, “Afghanistan, the graveyard of empire,” or sneer, “If they want to live in a seventh-century s***hole, f*** ’em.” But neither assertion is true. Do five minutes’ googling, and you’ll find images from the Sixties and early Seventies of women in skirts above the knee listening to the latest Beatles releases in Kabul record stores. True, a stone’s throw (so to speak) from the capital, King Zahir’s relatively benign reign was not always in evidence. But, even so, if it’s too much to undo the barbarism of centuries, why could the supposed superpower not even return the country to the fitful civilization of the disco era? The American imperium has lasted over twice as long as the Taliban’s rule — and yet, unlike them, we left no trace.

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    No one has commented on this poor woman who is now dead ?

    Sharia Law is a bunch of garbage that only uncivilized societies are using. And WE are the stupid ones to not cut ties with every country that has it as their Governmental foundation. Saudi Arabia – flushed, Bahrain- flushed, Oman – flush, UAE – flush, Kuwait – flush, Jordan – flush, Iraq – flush, Iran – flush twice, Afghanistan and Pakistan – flush Palistine – flush, Lebanon – flush and disengage just like we did Iraq.

    England are becoming as much a bunch of pussies as America when it comes to this subject. IT is creeping in and there are politicians who even discuss allowing parts of its aspects of 7th Century stone tablet technology and ideas to be allowed. Shame on you England – stamp it out. They have already had honor killings. How long before America sees that type of caveman behavior.

    I say we cut ties with any country that chops off hands, feet or heads. If they cannot separate Church and State, then we just don’t need them. We need politicians who can pull the plug on these countries and take a stand.

    Please, ask any Sheriff’s station in the United States – coast to coast

    Do you have any runaway slaves, maids or employees ?

    They will laugh but that is the fact in every one of these 7th Century stone-tablet countries. They have locked up law-abiding employees on trumped up runaway charges just for wanting to change jobs.

    • Linda

      Sad to say, there have been “honor” killings in America. Guess who did them? YEP the dam- muslims !

  • amiciLatinae

    Once again Mark Steyn hits the nail on the head with insight and a much needed warning to civilized nations. Do we consider muslim a peaceful religion? Really? The US constitution allows people to worship in any manner they wish, but it does not allow that religion to murder others [so far still illegal in most places], to mutilate and enslave others, and to force their beliefs on anyone in their vicinity through terrorism and mayhem. Frankly Sharia Law is quite two-faced, practiced mostly on the poor and the ‘infidels’ [that’s us.]


      And stop selling them our American vehicles. These countries love them, but the dealerships that sell them in these Muslim states are violating the American standards of conduct and locking up the employees passports and the countries have a hotline to report Run Away workers . True Value Hardware in Kuwait filed a run away case against a person that signed a contract and True Value would not give a copy of the contract and then filed a run away case on Kuwait’s pathetic hotline saying that the worker worked for them for 10 months total lie. But that is what is happening with True Value and Ace Hardware. American institutions need to be run by Americans with American values. These Muslim countries are all violating Human Rights with their treatment of workers. It took this worker 6 MONTHS to change jobs and in the process had 2 run away cases filed against the worker. Kuwait – thier MPs and THIS is the best you can do for the hospitality of workers in your country!! A runaway hotline !!!!. One of your many sets of MPs ( really we have lost count how many parliaments you have had); but one of them in 2010 passed DECREE 2010 /143 and it was in the Arab Times. The Amir’s picture was above the article saying that there would be a 100 KD fine per month per employee of companies that withheld passports. Kuwait’s Ministry of Labor has failed to enforce that decree. Kuwait’s Ministry of Labor fail to make sure employees are paid overtime or holiday pay or get vacations and you have the SLOWEST Labor dispute that is the most disorganized ministry or governmental agency ever witnessed by EXPATS bar none. Purposefully understaffed. Tea-boys act as interoffice mail. Centralized knowledge that has no system of training, policy or enforcement. Failure to use technology, emails, PDFs and attachments and there is no written system to transfer jobs with a FAKE runaway case is filed on a RUNAWAY hotline. The Western world is baffled at how you have a Runaway hotline but the Arab Times stated there was a HOTLINE to report illegally withheld passports and yet your government doesn’t have that line staffed or investigators to stop the practice that Keeps Kuwait as a Tier 3 Trafficking country. This is a Governmental institutional problem that allows 470 workers to be locked up near the National Guard building off 4th Ring Road – most for merely changing jobs and having a fake runaway case fled. This is the Government’s problem to fix and allowing abusive managers from other Muslim states to come to Kuwait and abuse workers with a Runaway hotline that is not designed to help with immigration. It is designed to intimidate workers who only want to have a job to send money home. They are entitled to transfer at 3 years and sooner if the Kuwait Labor Law is not followed. It is time to take the fashion model out of the Ministry of Labor and put a technocrat in that can streamline the transfer process and enforce the Decrees and Kuwait Labor Laws. The worker originally worked for a Ministry of Labor Manager named Badar Zankawi and he violated every single labor law there is on the books to violate. He has not been punished and the Ministry still employ him. Jamal Al Dossarie is overwhelmed with the cases and it is a lack of investigators, staff, systems, technology and enforcement that have allowed a system that makes a simple worker become a criminal in Kuwait. It is the system that makes it so it takes 6 months and a business owner like Zankawi delay a transfer to try to intimidate the worker into not transferring. Visas are an inherent government responsibility – not an individual hands-off business owner that has abusive Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian and Lebanese managers who just think they can get away with abusing workers, keeping their passports and not follow Kuwait Labor laws.


        Someone please tell me the idiots name at the True Value Hardware store next to Avenues mall who is a Syrian, Jordanian, or Palistinian. This moron told the worker that she could not have a copy of the labor contract she had just signed which was in Arabic. The moron is responsible for locking up employees passports and the moron should know that under Kuwait Labor Law article 28, he is obligated to give a copy of the contract. But, Kuwait does allow these idiots to be managers in their country and the Kuwait Amir just cannot understand why they still are a Tier 3 Human Trafficking country. The answer is simple. Get rid of the managers who are Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Iranian – who basically come from other Tier 3 countries with a worse record of Human Rights abuses. As soon as that is done – Kuwait will have a marked turn around in Human Trafficking. Second. Abolish the Institutional System of Slavery known as Visa 18 and Visa 20 sponsorship. No damn company doing the same abuses as Kuwait does now and have just another idiotic lawyer of sponsorship under a different name.

  • Jeff Roland

    And quit sending them Money, “Let them hate us for free”

  • NotJim

    “he should be stoned”

    Perhaps he already is “stoned”.

    (BTW, Mark Steyn for President. Is he eligible?)