Evolutionary Idiocy: Scientist Claim Humans Emerged after Chimps Mated with Pigs

Photo Credit: ShutterstockOne of the world’s leading authorities on genetics says the human race was born into existence after a chimpanzee mated with a pig.

Dr. Eugene McCarthy’s stunning claims were made in an online article, although it was not clear when the startling findings was initially published.

According to the University of Georgia scientist, while human beings share a number of characteristics with chimpanzees, there are others that don’t correspond with the primates.

“What is this other animal that has all these traits? The answer is Sus scrofa – the ordinary pig,”…

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  • Mark

    Good explanation for the existence of Democrats?


    Even a Jr. High student knows the IMPOSSIBILITY of this. Most of us know that the pig could not conceive that way…ever.

  • simpletony1

    So, where are all the half-human species? We really don’t need any more idiots. That job’s been filled countless times. Absolutely the only possible answer is that they’re how democrats materialized, as Mark said below

    • NellieCA

      That explains the Obamas and why we can’t get a birth certificate and his birth.

  • James

    Well with the college’s rule of “publish or perish” for college professors I would guess that this was the best that this professor
    could do. If you cannot do it, you teach it. I would guess that this professor got millions of government money to study Chimps mating with pigs and he has a human baby from this mating to prove
    his work. Yeah, right, this is just another reason our education system has dropped so low worldwide. This guy should be removed from the College at once, but he won’t. Our Colleges have no guts to clean up their own liberal attitude toward stupid people teaching. They will probable say that this professor was trying to get his students to think outside of the box. Colleges are all about new ideas. Well here is a new idea, get professors that teach the facts and tell the truth to their students regardless of political correctness. Get professors that what to teach their subject and not their political agenda. That would really be a new idea.

  • Flayer

    the perils of a tenure system on parade!