Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck Take Establishment GOP To Task (+video)

Glenn Beck joined Sean Hannity on his TV program Monday night to discuss the current state of the establishment GOP, which both agreed is hostile to Tea Party conservatives like Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

The former co-workers also talked about a few solutions that could help get the country headed in the right direction. Beck said “progressivism” in the Republican Party has pitted those who “believe in big government” against those fighting to restore the U.S. Constitution and change things in Washington, D.C.

“There is a lot of progressive Republicans,” he said. “And you have to remember, Theodore Roosevelt is the guy who started it. They believe in big government. And I’m sorry to say Sean, and you know this to be true, we send people in there, and it’s like sending them to the lion’s den, just waiting to be eaten by the machine that is Washington now.”

Hannity went on to explain that former President Ronald Reagan challenged a sitting Republican president in 1976. “That’s kind of Tea Party-ish to me,” the host said.

Beck agreed, explaining that Reagan was also attacked as a “loose-cannon” who was going to “destroy the Republican Party.”

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  • kssturgis62

    Glenn Beck has been on this for years. I have been fighting progressives since I was 20 years old and went toe to toe with Coleman Young. By Myself, no one else was there to help. My Gosh talk about being right about the City of Detroit.

    Sean Hannity is just starting to discuss this. But remember Sean is still Friends with Karl Rove, Pushing Liz Cheney, and most importantly pushing Marco Rubio. ARE YOU SERIOUS SEAN, MARCO IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE !!!! It is not only Marco’s amnesty which he was for when he was a lobbyist, before he was a senator, MARCO has been Jeb Bush’s boy for years, and Marco will stab you in the back every chance he gets !!

  • gracentruth

    Isaiah 9:10 Read the Chanukah Story – Maccabees (the hammer). Peace,

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