White House: Obama Won’t Insist on Jobless Aid in Budget Deal

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The White House will not insist that an emerging budget deal include an extension of the unemployment benefits program set to expire at the end of the year, press secretary Jay Carney said on Friday.

Carney said that it would be “terrible to tell more than a million families across the country just a few days after Christmas that they’re out of benefits,” but that the White House was agnostic on how the extension happened.

“The vehicle that they use to do that is less important than the fact that they do it,” Carney said.

The statement from Carney echoed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who said Thursday that an extension of the jobless benefits did not have to be included in a budget deal to win Democratic support.

“Hopefully, it could be part of the budget, but it doesn’t have to be part of the budget,” Pelosi said. “It could be on its own vehicle, as it goes forward, but it’s something we must consider.”

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  • James

    Of course they will not insist on jobless aid, they hope that the Congress lets the aid expire so that they can blame the Republicans.
    They want to do this in order to get the unemployed votes in the upcoming election. Here again the democrats are selling out the working man for their own political gain. If the democrats were really for the “working man” like they claim they would be fighting to get the aid extended. Now just think a little about what they are doing, the democrats are not insisting on unemployment aid, and this is what the working man gets until he can find another job. However; let them try to cut welfare and all hell will break out. Thus, the Democratic Party is the party for welfare not the working man. The democrats are more than willing to tax the working man and give the money to the welfare bums. Do you still think that the Democratic Party is the party for the working man? If you do I have a bridge for sale…

    • Kent2012

      and it is in the Sahara, financing available….

    • Arrest Obama

      Why would they when mandated medicaid loans for everybody means the working mans kids have to

      forfeit their dead relatives homes thanks to

      King Obama and Queen Pelosi, the reigning socialist party?

      Welcome to the USSA.

      Asset recovery forfeiture due to recoup medical expenses and mandated health care and involuntary placement of elderly persons into hospice, death panels, and nursing care using authorities from Adult Protection Service, as well as the IRS?

      Why do Dems think these people have a soul or feel anything but ice cold greed?

      The only difference between Dems and Reps is D lies and promises the world and the Reps tell you you aint getting squat and better go get a job..

    • Arrest Obama

      I heard you can get the SF Golden Gate Bridge for allowing the ACA!

  • Kent2012

    I think that the unemployment benefits should be extended to 5 years and then an automatic rollover to welfare….we have to stop throwing road blocks in the way of the communists in the democrat party when they are simply angling for votes….after signing that legislation we should have the entire population of Mexico granted citizenship in the US, and then contemplate a bill that would do the same for the entire population of South America….Oh and I almost forgot cooba…..

    • Arrest Obama

      Oh by then all the medical professionals will own every house ever built thanks to the ACA and

      asset forfeiture – debt retrieval of deceased to recoup medical losses.

      Pelosi and Obama are gonna be Cellmates.

  • Arrest Obama

    Pelosi the heroine of rich doctors who can now buy 5 more Audis, a hospice building, and found a hospital as they seize the houses of every dead boomer as they go.

    If you like you assets you can keep you assets!

    If you have a career, keep it! And work at KFC! For SNAP benefits!

    And if you LIKE your dead mom’s house you can ….