Will Failing to Support This Movement Prove the GOP’s Demise?

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Current GOP Establishment leadership “wisdom” in Washington is saying it is time to stand up to the Tea Party and show them who is boss.

This misguided way of thinking seeks to oppose a movement that stands for a limited federal government, grounded in the Constitution, which should be exactly what the Republican Party is for, especially at this critical moment in our nation’s history. 

A return to these bedrock principles is the only hope for restoring the United States to a land where freedom and opportunity thrive.

The passion, principles, and political engagement of the Tea Party made the Republican Party relevant again. It fueled the GOP’s winning back control of the House and gave it the chance to get back in the game in the Senate only two years after the devastating losses of 2008, in which the Democrats not only took the Presidency and strengthened their grip on the House, but won a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. 

It was the Tea Party that understood immediately the fundamental transformation of America that Barack Obama and the Democrats were seeking. It was the Tea Party that stood, and continues to stand, in opposition to that socialist agenda. And it is the Tea Party that is fighting for a new birth of freedom in America.

Here in Alaska, Senator Mark Begich has been a faithful foot soldier in Barack Obama’s and Harry Reid’s march towards their socialist, utopian dream. From voting for the trillion dollar failed stimulus package, to exponentially growing the entitlement state as the nation racked up $7 trillion in new debt, to his 60th and deciding vote for ObamaCare, Senator Begich has been an unquestioning “yes” for the Democrat agenda. 

We have the chance to replace Mark Begich next year, but it must be with someone who is committed to a fundamental restoration of America. In this great challenge, a “go along to get along” Republican mentality will not be enough to stop and roll back the encroachments of the federal government during the last several years. 

You know where I stand; I’m not “Johnny come lately” to this fight! 

You don’t have to wonder whether I’ll fight for your Constitutional Liberties. You don’t have to wonder whether I’ll advocate for the free market. You don’t have to wonder whether I’ll speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. You know I will.

I have been a strong opponent of ObamaCare from the start. I have advocated for its repeal. And I am the only candidate in this senate race who has embraced the accountability of signing the Senate Conservatives Fund Pledge to Defund Obamacare!

As Alaska’s next United States Senator, I will stand with leaders like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, because they understand the grave consequences to our nation if we fail to act and act soon to restore fiscal soundness and our constitutional freedoms.

Truthfully, my opponents will likely talk a good talk in the months ahead, but when given the opportunity to support tea party reform in the past, they chose the establishment status quo with its bailouts, crony capitalism and trillions in deficit spending. 

The contrast couldn’t be clearer. 

Our country is at peril, and there is little time to turn it around. It’s time to take a bold stand for the country we love and fight for its future!

When I am elected to the United States Senate, I pledge to confront this lawless administration and its radical socialist agenda. You can bank on it.

I cannot do this alone; but together we can. If you want a fighter in the United States Senate, I need your help today.

Thanks for your generosity and support!

Because America is worth fighting for . . .


  • sreynolds

    Time to get rid of ALL rino’s, and elect strong conservatives, this WOULD include Tea Party candidates. This our LAST chance to end the tyranny that has ran rampant since obama’s election. I have STOPPED donating to the GOP, and contribute ot ONLY conservative candidates…

  • duz 2600

    The old white men who are in power need to be tossed to the curb, and replaced with men, and women, who think for themselves! After the first term in the House or the Senate, too many succumb to the lures of big money! Let’s get some Veterans who are supporters of the Bill of Rights, into office!

    Congress now has the lowest number of elected Veterans in all of it’s history! Veterans signed a blank check to offer our lives for our Constitutional Republic!


    The GOP cannot win without the TEA Party. The TEA Party will seize control of the GOP…not the other way around.

  • mikecnj

    Will Failing to Support This Movement Prove the GOP’s Demise?

    • Bob2002

      To think this way, you must be a Democrat troll. The Republican Establishment (all RINOs) just want to let the Democrats run our country because they are in lock step with them. It is time for the conservatives and Tea Party types to unite and defeat any RINO or Democrat. The majority of Americans do not want ObamaCare, but the major problem is in this majority there are too many low information voters who just automatically pull the lever for a Democrat when it comes time to vote.

      • mikecnj

        Dear Bob:

        You are an idiot.

        I am AGREEING with the premise —

        “Will Failing to Support This Movement Prove the GOP’s Demise?”

        Ignoring the TEA party WILL be the death of the Re-pubic-ans. (h/t Mark Levin)

        Are you ABLE to understand a simple “YES”?

        meaning agreement with the premise

        “Will Failing to Support This Movement Prove the GOP’s Demise?”

        • Bob2002

          Name calling is a Democrat trait. If you expect anyone to take you seriously, you should refrain this practice.

          • mikecnj

            You sir, began the name calling.
            You sir, are the troll here.
            You sir, need to take a hike.

          • Bob2002

            Not true. You called me an idiot first. However, if you consider me calling you a name because I said you must be a Democrat troll if you think this way, then I am guilty as charged. English must not be your first language. Have a good day!

          • mikecnj

            You sir are a liar.
            You called me a Democrat troll.
            You began this.
            You are unwilling to admit your wrongdoing.
            I did not call you an idiot first.
            You called me a Democrat troll.
            First, sir. First.
            You lie.
            And badly.
            Take a hike, Bob.

  • gracentruth

    The GOP – establishment-marxists are already brain dead. They just keep thrashing about. How about a stake? Peace,

  • Linda

    It is time for the Tea Party to run a candidate for president and hopefully it will be Dr. Carson & Co. West.

  • tjl

    The so-called “Tea Party” needs to get better organized and stop pitting Tea Party supporters against each other.
    Joe Miller should be the “Tea Party” favorite for this Senate seat but instead Sarah Palin apparently is.
    I keep getting emails from the so-called Tea Party about how excited they are about getting Sarah to run for the Senate seat, totally ignoring the fact that Joe is already campaigning for it.
    I used to consider myself a “Tea Party” minded person but no more.
    I like Sarah very much, but not for this Senate seat. And, besides, Joe put his hat in the ring first, if she had entered first then I would support her.
    Why isn’t Sarah and the so-called Tea Party backing Joe?
    This really is rude and insulting behavior by both Sarah and the Tea Party to act as though Joe doesn’t even exist.
    And, the so-called Tea Party doesn’t allow 2-way communications. They send me emails with the pretense that are my friend, but they are no reply emails.
    I can’t tell them what I think and they have the nerve to talk about the GOP acting like that? The Tea Party disgusts me. I’ll just stay non-partisan and watch these arrogant partiers fight amongst themselves.