Americans Spent $7.45B in 3 Years Helping Other Countries Deal with ‘Climate Change’ (+video)

Photo Credit: AP Photo/POLFOTO, Claus Bjorn Larsen

Photo Credit: AP Photo/POLFOTO, Claus Bjorn Larsen

American taxpayers spent $7.45 billion to help developing countries cope with climate change in fiscal years 2010 through 2012, according to a federal government report submitted to the United Nations on a subject that Secretary of State John Kerry described as “a truly life-and-death challenge.”

That sum of $7.45 billion, which reached more than 120 countries through bilateral and multilateral channels, met President Obama’s “commitment to provide our fair share” of a collective pledge by developed nations to provide a total of nearly $30 billion in “fast start finance” (FSF), the report stated.

The pledge was made at a Dec. 2009 U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen, and the FSF funding aims to support developing countries adapt to and cope with phenomena blamed on climate change, such as droughts and rising sea levels.

“International assistance for climate change continues to be a major priority for the United States,” the administration said in its “Climate Action Report,” submitted to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on Wednesday.

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  • James

    I bet that most of this money ended up in the pockets of some politician’s friend or campaign supporter. If someone took the time to dig through all of these programs, I will bet that you will find out that the money never was used for what it was suppose to be used for. The purpose is to give money to some contractor as payment for campaign help. You will find it was just like the Obama Health Care web site contract.

  • Jben

    John Kerry is the 2nd biggest blow hard in our government!! Period! The Earth’s climate has been changing since it was formed so he is right when he says it is changing, but dead wrong as to why it is changing!

  • amiciLatinae

    But, isn’t this the redistribution of American wealth B.O. promised when he ran in 2008? Oops! Did you miss those speeches? Any excuse will do – the next will be to extend Obamacare to all the poor countries in Africa, right? Obamacare is the really big problem because there are parts of it that require America to do just that. The first candidate who runs on one issue – Repeal Obamacare – will be president. Some should try it running for the Senate, right? How did you vote?

  • rodulfo-tardo

    The best “money laundering” scheme, since those foreign contributions to Obama’s campaigns.