It Begins: Colorado Toddler Tests Positive for Marijuana (+video)

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

Police in Longmont are trying to figure out how a toddler got her hands on marijuana that made her sick.

Two year old Evelyn tested positive for pot and ended up in the hospital but her mother doesn’t know how the child came into contact with the now-legal drug.

Evelyn’s mother, Aida Hernandez, believes the child ate part of a cookie she found on the ground in the grass outside of their apartment.

“It was brown, like a chocolate chip cookie,” said Hernandez.

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  • James

    Well when you have pot heads they think that getting high is
    great and they even give it to kids and think that is funny. Even if they don’t give it to kids you still have the secondary smoke problem just like with tobacco.

  • Dwightmannn

    It will not kill the child, so what is the problem. There are things under the kitchen sink that are more dangerous. . .

    • sreynolds

      Like the flouride we are all forced to ingest and shower with…

      • gracentruth

        yes and amen. Peace,

  • sreynolds

    My guess would be brownies or cookies

  • amiciLatinae

    Of course, what did anyone expect? Colorado is a blue state, and Bloomberg pushed with every dollar of pocket change he could spare to make it the playground of potheads and perverts. This is what happens when all the votes are located in the cities, and those who live in the rural areas are completely ignored. How would these blue boys feel about redistribution of voting power? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! How did you vote?

  • gracentruth

    And how many toddlers have alcohol in their bodies – which is more dangerous?

  • howler1968

    Interesting comments………..but how often are parents/adults arrested with additional charges of “child abuse” if drugs,including grass, are found in a home with children?
    Is there now a position that illegal marijuana is harmful to children in other states but Colorado state-approved “medical” marijuana is no big deal if it’s found in a two year old child?
    Did Colorado amend its child protective policies?