Hill Democrats, Republicans Set 2014 Agendas with Midterm Elections in Mind

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Congressional Democrats and Republicans sharpened their political knives Sunday as lawmakers return to Washington this week to begin executing legislative agendas designed to help their respective parties in the November elections.

The first major battle will likely be over restoring long-term unemployment benefits, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scheduled to hold a preliminary vote Monday on the issue.

“The first thing we want to get done is extend unemployment benefits,” he told Fox News on Sunday.

The benefits were not included in a two-year budget deal Congress reached before adjourning for winter break, but not before House Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, made clear the money will not be restored unless offset but other spending cuts.

The White House is also applying pressure on congressional Republicans, issuing a statement on New Year’s Day that said President Obama supports the bipartisan Senate bill to reinstate benefits for the 1.3 million Americans who lost the insurance in the new budget deal.

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  • James

    You bet your butt that their agenda will have the 2014 elections in mind. These ass holes will throw the voters a few crumbs in hopes
    of making them forget that they crammed Obama Care down your throat and made you buy it at greatly increased cost. They want to make you forget that they supported the queers over your right to worship in the religion of your choice. They want you to forget that
    they tried their best to take your guns away from you in spite of the 2nd Amendment. They want you to forget that they acted like dictators in every aspect of government. They want you to forget that they care more for an illegal immigrant than they do for you. They want you to forget that businesses must cater to the queers and that the promotion or job may go to you only if no queer does wants it. They want you to forget that they want to destroy the institution of Marriage by allowing queers to marry, and later on I will bet Pedophiles and Polygamist will be included. They have been doing it this way for years. They screw you royally during their term and then throw you something like a 1% tax reduction in the year of the
    election. Then take it and more from you the next year. We must get rid of every dam one that voted for Obama care, that voted for the queers, that failed to support the Vets, that failed to keep their campaign promises. We need to make them fear us more than their Party leaders. If we replace these people the rest will see the handwriting on the wall and stop all this BS. Keep in mind that the Democratic party has now become the Communist Party with their “Equalize the income Plan.” MAKE THEM FEAR THE VOTER.