Joe Miller: The President’s Divisive Remarks

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 2.02.51 AMThe agenda outlined by President Obama last night can best be described as willfully divisive. Rather than look for common ground, he offered only more controversial proposals like amnesty, climate change, higher taxes, and back-door gun control. And to make matters worse, he again threatened to indulge his totalitarian instincts by circumventing Congress, should it fail to submit to his agenda.

It’s very unfortunate that this president is so resistant to the evidence of his failed economic policies that his only response after five years of stagnation is to double down on redistribution, crony capitalism, and more government intervention. Nothing was more telling than his glowing words for Obamacare, without so much as an acknowledgement of the hardships it has forced on millions of Americans.

And what should be particularly concerning to Alaskans, is the President’s threats to set more land aside as designated wilderness. It’s not hard to see where that is going: more federal control, less development, fewer jobs, and even less revenue for State priorities.

It’s time to return to fiscal sanity, get government out of the way, and offer Alaskans real opportunity by returning to the time-tested free-market principles that built the world’s largest economy over the last 230 years.

  • James

    Obama has to keep us divided because if we ever got together
    we would impeach Obama and all of his cronies and send them to prison. That is why he is always blaming someone else. He wants to keep us fighting each other and that lets him get away with all the crooked stuff and support the Muslims. He started out with race and now he is using income. He wants to pit those that work for what they get against those that don’t work.

  • amiciLatinae

    Correction: not divisive, treasonous.

    • akprayingmom

      Obama is purposely divisive and therefore treasonous. Obama should be convicted of High Treason and deported from all American shores in exile for life without one penny or asset that he has stolen from Americans going with him. Let him languish in Afghanistan or Libya for the rest of his life and send Michelle, the two girls, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebelius, and Lois Lerner with him. Good riddance of them all!

  • gracentruth

    Amen. Sounds like Joe Miller needs to be Alaska’s U.S. Senator in D.C. Peace,

    • akprayingmom

      Not only sounds like it—That is an undisputable fact! Joe Miller US Senate 2014! Restoring Liberty to our state and nation!

  • akprayingmom

    Thank you Joe Miller for the unvarnished truth. Can’t wait till you are able to shoulder the fight with stalwarts Senator Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the senate in 2014! Restoring Liberty to our state and nation!