Why Joe Miller Could Pull Off An Upset Against The GOP Establishment, Again

Photo Credit: People's Pundit Daily

Photo Credit: People’s Pundit Daily

I rarely, if ever, revisit my Senate predictions on PeoplesPunditDaily.com for purposes of clarification rather than rating changes. However, after several discussions with campaign operatives in various camps, conservative Super PAC spokesmen, as well as further analysis of the Republican establishment’s strength in terms of support among Alaska Republican voters, this article is clearly warranted.

In my last look at the race, entitled “Alaska Senate Race Rating And Analysis Bodes Bad For Begich,” which is currently rated “Leans Republican” on the 2014 Senate Map, I gave a general assessment of the race and the political landscape. And to make a long story short, despite the bias fantasies held by other so-called objective pundits, I confidently concluded that it is more likely than not that election night is going to be a miserable night for Senator Mark Begich.

At this point, the only variable keeping the Alaska Senate race from moving farther to the right on the rating spectrum is the Republican primary, which we will now examine in more detail. With Gov. Sean Parnell deciding to stay out of the race, Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell made his bid known almost immediately. Treadwell has already attacked the 2010 Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller, saying “I believe I don’t scare people. Joe does sometimes.”

Treadwell, no doubt, is the establishment candidate and was their first pick, but he will have to share the GOP country club with another establishment candidate. Former Natural Resources Commissioner and Attorney General Dan Sullivan is the second-tier establishment candidate, but ironically seems to have the money advantage. Alaska’s Energy, America’s Values, which is headed up by political consultant Art Hackney and backs Dan Sullivan, already spent about $12,000 to air ads in Anchorage and Matanuska Valley.

There is a real potential for a reverse vote splitting phenomena to play out that inevitably will benefit Joe Miller. That is, typically establishment Republican candidates win primaries because the conservative vote is split between 2 or more anti-establishment candidates. In the Alaska Senate race the opposite is true, and it is conceivable to see how under the right conditions Joe Miller could upset the GOP establishment on primary night, again.

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  • akprayingmom

    Joe Miller is the only Christian Constitutional Limited Government Conservative candidate in the 2014 Alaska US Senate race. While Joe’s opponents and their minions will desperately regurgitate tired old lies, half truths, and misrepresentations of Joe’s character and actions which have long been refuted and proven false, the overwhelming number of 90,000 voters and many new voices will support Joe Miller.

    The fact of the matter is, Alaskans are sick and tired of ARP establishment elitists’ mob actions to coerce voters and manipulate elections. We want a real Champion of Freedom—an American veteran and proven patriot who has fought for our state and nation both here at home and abroad. Joe Miller is the only one who fits that bill. Joe Miller received the Bronze Star for valor and meritorious service in the Gulf war. He has served Alaska and the nation as a honored federal & state magistrate judge and respected attorney. Joe has a Master’s degree in Economics and understands what Alaskans need and stand for, both fiscally and socially.

    Joe Miller is the Constitutional Conservative contrast to Begich, Treadwell, & Sullivan and Alaskans will prove that on both primary & general election night in 2014. Joe Miller US Senate 2014— Restoring Liberty to our state and nation

  • gracentruth

    We voted for Joe Miller in 2010 primary – he won and was the Republican candidate in the election. The Republican-marxists didn’t “fraud the vote” because they believed murcowsky couldn’t lose. With even a semi-true vote (diebold machine programming), Miller won. So the Repubican-marxists stole the election. Treadwell even admitted he did not vote Republican, but voted for the Independent candidate – murcowsky. And since Treadwell was Lt. Gov. in charge of elections, he ultimately is responsible for all the fraud.

    True the vote, Joe Miller and we the people of Alaska and the citizens of USA win. Peace,