Kerry: We’ll Help Iraq Fight al-Qaeda, But No ‘Boots on The Ground’ (+video)

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday the U.S. will help Iraqi authorities fight al-Qaeda terrorists who have seized parts of two cities in western Iraq, but will not send troops.

“We are not, obviously, contemplating returning,” he told reporters in Jerusalem. “We’re not contemplating putting boots on the ground. This is their fight, but we’re going to help them in their fight.”

Kerry declined to say specifically how the U.S. would help the Iraqis.

“We’re going to do everything that is possible to help them, and I will not go into the details except to say that we’re in contact with tribal leaders from Anbar province whom we know, who are showing great courage in standing up against this as they reject terrorist groups from their cities,” he said.

“And this is a fight that belongs to the Iraqis. That is exactly what the president and the world decided some time ago when we left Iraq.”

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  • ijohnc1

    They won’t fund our Veterans at home, but will give more money to those bastards with all the oil in Iraq.
    The communists have taken over our government.
    Remember this when and it will, November comes a rolling.

  • rodulfo-tardo

    This has been the plan all along, of what Obama’s policy was to be, the simple truth of which is, he has always been a supporter of Anti Secular Supremacist Ideological Islam, where Jihad is the only recourse, to achieve tyrannical control, it is evident to examine the descent of every gain the U.S. Military made, against al’Qaeda and the Taliban, his condemnation of victory over that Supremacist Fascist Islamiism, is the rebirth of Naziism, the Islamiism of the Muslim Brotherhood’s reason to exist, in 1928 it was to remove the Colonial influences, of Britain, France and all European presence, in from the Middle East, the Maghreb, and Africa as well.
    Al’Qaeda is the only military Obama considers legitimate, in Fallujah the implications became, defeat of Islamiism was possible to achieve, but Obama and his handlers, otherwise known as al’ Ikhwan had to avenge not only Fallujah but Iraq and Afghanistan’s victories by the Military he despises and opposes, his only ideological compass is that of a Caliphate, good as any reason why the Islamification of the Military is ongoing, and why casualties have increased by some 80% since 2009, when Obama’s policy became the Ideological mandate of his Islamic Supremacist Shariah, of Jihad against the “infidels” the elimination of ‘takfiris’ has become his only mission to fulfill, since to him our soldiers are nothing more than bodies to sacrifice, to Allah, and Mohammedan redefinition to justify why the battles were fought, 10 to 1 it would be different if al’Qaeda had won the initial contact, giving more K.I.A.’s, for the coalition forces that fought, to win this battle the result of mass murder on 9-11-01, called Jihad, terrorist Jihad, targets always civilian, even in this combat of principled reasons to defend the primary victims, were Iraqui these ideological Supremacists, killed 10 to 1 the Muslims, they had claimed the war was fought for, however it paints a different picture, when the broken bloody bodies are higher for those civilian non combatants, the ones the Muslim Brotherhood called “the unwilling martyrs” during the Algerian Civil War, a conflict ‘transformed’ to a religious war, this was done after France had agreed to their ‘Independence’ once the details were solved regarding the ‘rule of law’ to guarantee, Algeria would not bleed after this nation was independent from European control.
    Obama Hussein’s preoccupation centers on the Ascending Global Caliphate’s domination over Hebrew and Christian Ideology.
    The Arab Spring, if anyone remembers, was the “Savior of the Muslims” for the Middle East, and the Maghreb, but it did not turn out that way, Egypt was the first realize how this Qatari experiment worked, in the Oldest of all Secular States, no choice of Religion was allowed once this Spring brought Shariah to a nation where all religion began, this may have been the reason, why the Total Jihad began against the Orthodox Christians, and the Q’ranic law of Jihadiism replaced all rule of law, the rebirth of the Nuremberg Laws, reverting to 1935, and the Nazi rule of law, something that the Muslim Brotherhood adopted in their 1928 Charter, soon after the first Intifada took place, they actually did their “Kristallnacht” before even Hitler had his in Germany and the other Nazi States, these did not take place until November 9th. and 10th. this was in 1938, seems like a far away reference point, but Kristallnacht is alive and well, within the Arab Spring, surely now that Iraq is once again al’Qaeda and Taliban Afghanistan cannot be far behind, more distressing is fact the U.S.A. cannot be far behind, when Obama finally gets around to declare this country is another Islamic Republic to make it 58, and how far to Shariah Law? It won’t matter the Constitution is no more, and to make matters worse, that little thingie they call “filibuster” will give him the Dictatorial Powers, just Hitler got when in March of 1933, the Enabling Act, did the same for him.
    This can conceivably give the power to suspend the Constitution and Term Limits by the possible use of rule by decree, for Hitler this “temporary” Enabling Act, lasted from 1933 to 1945, wonder how this one will turn out, by all historical accounts, not so hot.