China: North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Fed His Uncle to a Pack of 120 Hungry Dogs

Photo Credit: Martyn Williams/Rodong

Photo Credit: Martyn Williams/Rodong

By Michael Kelley.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un fed his once-powerful uncle to 120 hungry dogs, according to a detailed report in a newspaper with close ties to China’s ruling Communist Party and reported by the Straits Times.

The report is impossible to verify, but can’t be completely discounted.

China lost an important link to North Korea’s leadership with the purge of Jang Song Thaek, and may have published the account in Wen Wei Po to express its displeasure.

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Kim Jong Un ‘fed uncle to pack of 120 ravenous dogs’

By Sean Piccoli and Post Wire Report.

The uncle of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was ripped to pieces by a pack of starving dogs in a slow, barbaric execution that Kim himself watched, an official Chinese newspaper reported.

Jang Song Thaek, the 67-year-old family member once considered Kim’s right-hand man, died horribly with five other condemned officials in a capital punishment ritual called “quan jue”— execution by dogs, according to the Hong Kong newspaper Wen Wei Po, a mouthpiece for China’s government.

The ghastly account of Jeng’s execution could not be independently verified, but its publication in an official Chinese daily signaled Beijing’s growing disgust with Kim, according to a Singapore daily, the Straits Times, which suggested the Chinese might have leaked the gory tale to further embarrass and marginalize Pyongyang’s reigning madman.

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    Old family recipe no doubt. Maybe he used one of O’bama’s recipes from his Kenyan days.

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    North Korea (even its leaders) are not safe as long as they have that insane child as their leader. He worships nazism for one thing and he is over-dosed on power. AT his young age that is deadly !

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    And I thought that I had family problems…………….

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    Still unconfirmed, but still a possibility…