Two Giant Retailers Offer Free Prescription Drugs for ObamaCare Enrollees

Photo Credit: Breitbart

Photo Credit: Breitbart

In what you can interpret as either an act of corporate altruism, corporate lobbying, or a mix of both, two giant retailers — Walmart and Walgreens — have agreed to save the Obama Administration from who knows how many horror-story anecdotes by agreeing to fill 30 days of free prescriptions for ObamaCare enrollees. The question is, though, what happens to the data and patient information these retailers collect?

When you have two of the biggest retailers in the country collecting untold amounts of personal health information from who knows how many people seeking free prescriptions, in the wake of revelations surrounding domestic NSA and Justice Department spying (on reporters!), it is not unreasonable to worry about this. We also know that a number of large corporations have apparently cooperated with the federal government’s data grabs.

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  • James

    This is not right. If they can give them free prescriptions they can give me free prescriptions also. Why should I have to pay ant they don’t? I am willing to bet that those of us that have to pay will have to pay more to pay for those that don’t. This is wrong. Why should those of us that plan and spend our money wisely have to pay for those that don’t Why do we have to be host to these parasites?

    • ijohnc1

      We all pay when they don’t, the free loaders are takers, and we are the givers.
      Just two more stores I will not shop at.
      They aren’t doing this out of the goodness of their tills, it is a way to gather much needed info for the dictators ajenda.

    • NellieCA

      More for Welfare people to sign up for the plan. This will also cut out the agencies who are private insurance.

  • Dwightmannn

    I would suggest a boycott of these corporations people. . .

  • sreynolds

    We ALL know “free” isn’t free, I will be switching my prescriptions to CVS or a Mom & Pop pharmacy…

    • Todd Clark

      go with the mom and pop im sure CVS will be soon to follow

  • NellieCA

    This may be a good case for the Judicial Watch. This would be discrimination against people who have insurance. I dropped my Medicare “d” plan, to expensive and I don’t need an agency to send me 6 documents to tell me I bought a drug last month. They are dropping the amount of drugs they cover with co-payment. if you are on Medicare check the drugs that are covered by the “D” agency.

  • Fageol

    I think their shareholders should revolt.

  • madgrandma

    BOYCOTT BOTH! Cheap shots from pharma companies…

  • joespoint

    Most likely the reason they are doing this is either to garner favoritism with the administration for the kickback deals that will likely be coming down the road, or they are already getting some sort of favor from them. Walgreens and Walmart do not do such things out of the goodness of their heart. There is something financial in it for them at some point.