Alaska: Your Legislators Need to Hear From You!

Photo Credit: dmcdevitDear Friend —

The Alaska Legislature is now in full swing, and all the big government lobbyists are working the hallways. I was there last week in Juneau trying to make sure us taxpayers have a voice. Your legislators need to hear from you right now… The Senate will soon vote on SJR 9, a much-needed bill to give you the right to vote for School Choice. SJR 9 would let voters decide to rid Alaska’s Constitution of its flawed Blaine Amendment, a provision that denies Alaska parents School Choice.

The Blaine Amendment prevents Alaska from implementing any form of parental choice over their child’s education. Many studies show that Parental Choice improves public schools as well as private schools…. and that it saves taxpayers millions of dollars as well. You can read my recent op/ed commentary on School Choice that recently appeared in the Anchorage Daily News…. Just go HERE to read it on our new Americans For Prosperity – Alaska website.

Americans For Prosperity – Alaska has set up an Activist Alert email system to make it easy for you to contact your legislators. All you have to do is click here to send an email to Alaska Senators, urging them to support SJR 9. So, please go HERE now to make your voice heard on behalf of parental educational freedom, increased accountability to improve public schools, and saving taxpayers millions of dollars through increased school efficiency and competition.

This is just the beginning of our work at the Alaska Legislature. We will be monitoring bills there closely and providing you easy access to email key legislators when bills come up for vote in committee or on the House or Senate floor.

We need to multiply our efforts as well. That’s why we’re asking you to forward this email to your like-minded friends, family, and neighbors. They can find out about AFP-Alaska and sign up to be on our Activist Alert email list by visiting our webpage HERE.

Thank you for your devotion to the fight for freedom and limited government.


Joe Balyeat
State Director for School Choice Projects

P.S. Don’t forget to go HERE to send your email to all Alaska Senators urging their support for SJR 9 – to give all Alaskans their right to vote for parental choice and educational freedom.

  • Akjustice

    I am not so sure about this…

    Not sure this change is the right move. After reading Bob Birds opinion piece I have re-thought this subject.

    At a first glance the voucher program seems like a no brainer. However,
    with government money comes government strings. The last thing we
    supporters of private education want is the government telling us how to
    educate our children.

    I do agree that there are too many students in public education that are not being educated to the standards that private education can achieve. I am just conflicted as I have come to realize the possible government strings that likely at some point would accompany vouchers.

  • MsLibertarian

    Alaska has possibly the best school choice in the country, right now! Almost every school district has publicly funded home school options and charter schools. Using this public money means that the students who attend these programs will take the Standards Based Assessments and the high school qualifying exams. Private schools are available in the urban areas, and private home-school options are also available, and “allowed” by the State of Alaska (which is not true in every state). What the vote is about is to allow RELIGION to be taught with state money, during the school day. (with the exclusion of students who have a different religion) I say teach the religion in the after-school program and teach real science during the day… and then apply for state money. Otherwise, pass the plate to offer scholarships. No vote needed.

  • Jim Delaney

    I pray Alaskans get this right and lead the way for school choice throughout the union.