Disabled US Veteran Denied Entry to Starbucks Over Service Dog

Photo Credit: Fox News A disabled U.S. Army veteran says he was told he could not enter a Texas Starbucks because of his service dog.

Yancy Baer traveled to Houston from San Antonio on behalf of the national organization Canine Companions for Independence, which helped pair Baer with service dog Verbena after Baer’s left leg was amputated from the knee down due to bone cancer, KHOU reported.

The cancer was discovered after a non-combat injury Baer suffered while serving in Iraq in 2009.

Baer got Verbena about 14 weeks ago, and traveled to San Antonio to share his story on behalf of the nonprofit Canine Companions.

He tried to go into a Starbucks on Memorial Drive when he was stopped by a store employee.

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  • Charles

    Star*ucks should be boycotted for this.
    Their over priced coffee isn’t all that good anyway !!!

    • NellieCA

      I think they have a gun free policy also! big issue with me! I will not shop at a gun free store.

      • Charles

        Same with me.

  • Disgusted

    Starbucks should be ashamed.


    All Americans should already be boycotting satbucks over their hatred for religious freedoms and their hatred for the 2nd Amendment. This is just another reason to vote with your feet and your wallet. STOP SUPPORTING THIS LIBERAL NUTS!!

  • C-Christian Soldier

    As a SBs regular and former employee
    – I can say- this story is VERY UNUSUAL!!–
    My favorite SBs has “service dogs” on its premises always- (here in CA- if you call your dog a “service dog’- it is-)
    and- BTW- my quad shots of espresso are always great as is my own – at home- Verona-
    and- they treat our BEST -A-N-M-CG-and Fire and Police officers with great respect–


  • NellieCA

    They probably don’t train their employees, service dogs are allowed in any establishment. Hearing dogs are also allowed in all stores. It is the same with hospitals and government phone lines. They don’t have a clue what a relay service is for and they hang up on the deaf people. NO TRAINING!