Where Does Your State Rank? Gallup’s Most Conservative to Most Liberal

Photo Credit: APThe percentage of people living in Washington, D.C., who call themselves liberals is far greater than the national percentage, and significantly greater than the percentage in any of the fifty states, according to polling data released today by Gallup.

Nationally, 23 percent of American adults call themselves liberals, according to Gallup, and 38 percent call themselves conservatives.

But in Washington, D.C., 38.1 percent call themselves liberals–65.6 percent more than in the nation as a whole.

After D.C., Vermont is the most liberal jurisdiction, with 32.4 percent of people there calling themselves liberals.

The top five most conservative states are: Wyoming, Mississippi, Idaho, Utah, and Arkansas.

Read more from this story and see the full rankings HERE.

  • Stealth

    CONNECTICUT might as well BE Washington D.C. The most OVERTAXED, FOUL state there is ANYWHERE!

    • pamlois

      And I had to jump from the frying pan into the fire when moving from NY to CT, just when Molloy got elected – surrounded by raging liberals. Where did all the conservatives go from Litchfield County. All seniors have a noose around their necks.

  • Bob

    With Chucky Schumer & Gillibrand ” leading” N.Y.S., does it make a difference what the PEOPLE think? Conservatives here have NO representation whatever. We get “blessed” with a Liberal governor too! You gotta know we’re going no where fast!

  • Joe1938

    Of interest is how this list relates to red/blue states.

  • gracentruth

    Looks like voter fraud is rampant throughout USA making government worthless. Peace,

  • tony

    Liberals are ……

  • tjl

    Considering the liberal and progressive nature of our government, and the fact that the majority of the people vote liberal or progressive, I’d say that those who call themselves moderate are actually liberal or progressive, but they are in denial, or ignorant, or just plain liars.

    It really makes no sense for a poll to proclaim that conservatives out number liberals when the country is far from a picture of conservatism.

    Also, it is interesting that the states with larger populated cites are still more liberal, and the states with smaller cities and more farming communities are more still more conservative.

    People really loose their senses when living in close quarters. A closer comparison between Wyoming and DC really demonstrates that. I’ve lived in both, so I know the differences first hand.

  • aznative

    Secede DC from our union. Break all ties and shut it down. Bet we would see a real change in our nation. DC is actually a foreign nation stealing from the USA.

  • DM

    People better all start thinking clearly & speaking their minds on ALL issues to All of their neighbors & friends. Our “World” is in danger & I have no doubt of that, do not worry about making friends, worry about our future.

  • SteveMacko

    Vermont is truly a tragedy. It used to be very Republican, until all the liberal Massholes invaded.

    • glenn

      You are so right. Delaware was the same way; however, all the N.Y. liberals moved to Delaware to escape their high taxes and crime, thus, making Delaware a liberal mecca-and the same liberals demanding more services-so now Delaware taxes are increasing. Oh yes, too many Mass-holes down here to!

  • tidus1991

    Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah <3